The Mechatronics Handbook - 2 Volume Set  book cover
2nd Edition

The Mechatronics Handbook - 2 Volume Set

ISBN 9780849392573
Published December 14, 2007 by CRC Press
1416 Pages 1050 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The first comprehensive reference on mechatronics, The Mechatronics Handbook was quickly embraced as the gold standard in the field. From washing machines, to coffeemakers, to cell phones, to the ubiquitous PC in almost every household, what, these days, doesn’t take advantage of mechatronics in its design and function? In the scant five years since the initial publication of the handbook, the latest generation of smart products has made this even more obvious.

Too much material to cover in a single volume

Originally a single-volume reference, the handbook has grown along with the field. The need for easy access to new material on rapid changes in technology, especially in computers and software, has made the single volume format unwieldy. The second edition is offered as two easily digestible books, making the material not only more accessible, but also more focused. Completely revised and updated, Robert Bishop’s seminal work is still the most exhaustive, state-of-the-art treatment of the field available.

Table of Contents

Volume One
Overview of Mechatronics
What Is Mechatronics? R.H. Bishop and M.K. Ramasubramanian
Mechatronic Design Approach, R. Isermann
System Interfacing, Instrumentation, and Control Systems, R. Homkes
Microprocessor-Based Controllers and Microelectronics, O. Novak and I. Dolezal
An Introduction to Micro- and Nanotechnology, M. Goldfarb, A. Strauss, and E.J. Barth
NEW! Mechatronics Engineering Curriculum Design, M. Grimheden
Physical System Modeling
Modeling Electromechanical Systems, F.C. Moon
Structures and Materials, E.T. Enikov
Modeling of Mechanical Systems for Mechatronics Applications, R.G. Longoria
Fluid Power Systems, Q. Zhang and C.E. Goering
Electrical Engineering, G. Rizzoni
Engineering Thermodynamics, M.J. Moran
NEW! Numerical Simulation, J. Sullivan Falcon
Modeling and Simulation for MEMS, C. Purdy
Rotational and Translational Microelectromechanical Systems: MEMS, Synthesis, Microfabrication, Analysis, and Optimization, S.E. Lyshevski
The Physical Basis of Analogies in Physical System Models, N. Hogan and P.C. Breedveld
Mechatronic Sensors and Actuators
Introduction to Sensors and Actuators, M. Anjanappa, K. Datta, T. Song, R. Angara and S. Li
Fundamentals of Time and Frequency, M.A. Lombardi
Sensor and Actuator Characteristics, J. Parker
Sensors, K.M. Lynch, M.A. Peshkin, H. Eren, M.A. Elbestawi, I.J. Garshelis, R. Thorn, P.M. Norris, B. Hosticka, J.F. Figueroa, H.R. (Bart) Everett, S.S. Ipson, C. Liu, N. Vazquez, and D. Nair
Actuators, G.T.-C. Chiu, C.J. Fraser, R.H. Bansevicius, R.T. Tolocka, M. Sorli, S. Pastorelli, and S.E. Lyshevski
Volume Two
Mechatronic System Control
The Role of Controls in Mechatronics, J. van Amerongen
The Role of Modeling in Mechatronics Design, J.A. Jalkio
Signals and Systems, M.-J.E. Salami, R. Johansson, K. Leang, Q.Zou, S. Devasia, and C.N. Domy
State Space Analysis and System Properties, M.E. Salgado and J.I. Yuz
Response of Dynamic Systems, R. de Callafon
The Root Locus Method, H. Ozbay
Frequency Response Methods, J.-J. Sheen
Kalman Filters as Dynamic System State Observers, T.P. Crain,
Digital Signal Processing for Mechatronic Applications, B.S. Heck and T.R. Kurfess
Control System Design Via H 2 Optimization, A.A. Rodriquez
Adaptive and Nonlinear Control Design, M.R. Akella
Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems, B.M. Wilamowski
Advanced Control of an Electrohydraulic Axis, F. Ionescu, C. Vlad, and D. Arotaritei
Design Optimization of Mechatronic Systems, T. Brezina, C. Kratochvil, and C. Ondrusek
NEW! Motion Control Using SoftMotion Technology, R. Kulkarni
NEW! Real-Time Monitoring and Control, G. Garcia
NEW! Micromechatronics and Microelectromechanical Motion Devices, S.E. Lyshevski
Computers and Logic Systems
Introduction to Computers and Logic Systems, K.C. Craig and F. Stolfi
Digital Logic Concepts and Combinational Logic Design, G.I. Cohn
System Interfaces, M.J. Tordon and J. Katupitiya
Communications and Computer Networks, M. Ilyas
Fault Analysis in Mechatronic Systems, L. Notash and T.N. Moore
Logic System Design, M.K. Ramasubramanian
Architecture, D.A. Connors and W.-M.W. Hwu
Control with Embedded Computers and Programmable Logic Controllers, H. Jack and A. Sterian
NEW! Graphical System Design for Embedded Systems, S. Gretlein
NEW! Field-Programmable Gate Arrays, D. Fay and D.A. Connors
NEW! Graphical Programming for Field-Programmable Gate Arrays: Applications in Control and Mechatronics, J. Falcon and M. Trimborn
Software and Data Acquisition
Introduction to Data Acquisition, C. Anderson
Measurement Techniques: Sensors and Transducers, C. Harrison
A/D and D/A Conversion, B. Betts
Signal Conditioning, S.A. Dyer
NEW! Virtual Instrumentation Systems, D. Dement
Software Design and Development, M.H. Hamilton
Data Recording and Logging, C. Anderson

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