1st Edition

The Media, Journalism and Democracy

By Margaret Scammell, Holli Semetko Copyright 2000

    This title was first published in 2000. Offering original insights into the relationship between media and democratic theory, this volume brings together a renowned collection of international specialists who examine media and democracy, professional journalism, the anatomy of content and the current issues which concern both institutions. Challenging conventional discourse, this comprehensive collection contains the most incisive and informative articles on this fundamental subject.

    Contents: Media Democracy - Key Debates: 4th branch or 4th rate? The press's failure to live up to the founders' expectations, Thomas E. Patterson; On evaluating news media performance, Jack M. McLeod; A guard dog perspective on the role of the media, George A. Donohue, Phillip J. Tichenor and Clarice N. Olien; The US media: supermarket or assembly line?, Ben H. Bagdikian; Structural transformations of the public sphere, John Keane; Public service broadcasting and modern public life, Paddy Scannell. Professional Journalism: Towards Universal Norms: Professional models in journalism: the gatekeeper and the advocate, Morris Janowitz; 'The gatekeeper': a case study in the selection of news, David Manning White; Objectivity as strategic ritual: an examination of newsmen's notions of objectivity, Gaye Tuchman; The sacred side of professional journalism, Throbjörn Broddason; Subjective objectivity, how journalists in 4 countries define a key term of their profession, Wolfgang Donsbach and Bettina Klett; The radical changes needed to remedy TV's bias against understanding, John Birt and Peter Jay; Making journalism more public, Jay Rosen. News: The Anatomy of Content: New frames, political cynicism and media cynicism, Joseph N. Cappella and Kathleen Hall Jamieson; Hidden conflicts and journalistic norms: the case for self-coverage, Joseph Turow; The end of journalism? Notes on watching the war, Elihu Katz; Accidental news: the great oil spillage as local occurrence and national event, Harvey Molotch and Marilyn Lester; Disdaining the news, Mark R. Levy; Sound bite news: television coverage of elections, 1968-1988, Daniel C. Hallin. Media and Journalism: New Challenges in a Changing World: New roles for public television in Western Europe? Challenges and prospects, Jay G. Blumler and Wolfgang Hoffman-Riem; The popular press and political democracy, Colin Sparkes; Media within and without the state: press freedom in Eastern Europe, Karl Jakubowicz; Media, the political


    Margaret Scammell, Holli Semetko