1st Edition

The Medical Services Professional Career Guidebook Charting a Development Plan for Success

By Donna K. Goestenkors, Georgia Day Copyright 2011
    140 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    140 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    In addition to processing new applications, requesting clinical privileges, preparing ER call schedules, negotiating contracts, verifying credentials, and conducting meetings and audits, Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) must find time to keep up with evolving regulations and credentialing requirements. Presented in an easy-to-read format, The Medical Services Professional Career Guidebook: Charting a Development Plan for Success details a series of building blocks to help MSPs fulfill job requirements and successfully navigate career progression.

    The authors capture and address the questions most frequently asked by MSPs. They illustrate valuable lessons with actual stories and supply readers with systematic assessment tools, planning techniques, and strategies for achieving world-class performance. Complete with sample job descriptions, a sample performance profile, a glossary, the Medical Services Professional Creed, and a wealth of reference material, the text will help MSPs answer key questions, including:

    • How do I assess my skills?
    • What are my career options?
    • Are my communication skills what they need to be?
    • How do my boss and I come to agreement on my progress?
    • How do I define, document, and measure my competencies?

    The book addresses twelve specific points of consideration. Each point is a working exercise to help readers perform honest self-appraisals of where they are in their careers. The Medical Services Professional Career Guidebook details a solid course of action to help you confront the fear of the unknown and meet the future with the confidence required for success. It provides the tools and understanding you will need to ensure patient safety, achieve personal and professional goals, and take your career to levels you have never imagined.

    Before You Start Your Journey, Have You Checked Your Tools?
    Professional Development Competency Assessment: Where Have You Been?
    Skills Competence: What Have You Accomplished?
    Professional Guideposts: What Is the Impact of the Past and Present on your Future Career?

    Career Options-Broaden Your Horizons!
    Traditional: To Name a Few, Medical Staff Offices (MSOs), Credentialing Verification Organizations (CVOs), Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Specialty Clinics, and Physician Groups
         Medical Staff Office (aka Medical Staff Services Department) 
         Credentials Verification Organization 
         Managed Care Organization 
         Specialty Clinics/Physician Groups
    Future: You Name It, You Own It!

    It Is Your Journey-Take the Time to Map It!
    Develop a Success Plan-Empowered, Quantitative, Qualitative, with Personal Accountability
    Why the Plan Is Important
    Competence Measurement
    The Voice of Experience
    Achievement Is Important-Ongoing Maintenance Is Critical

    Have You Monitored Your Professional History and Checked All Systems?
    Packaging You-Phase I: The Beginning-The Place to Start
    Packaging You-Phase II: Organizing Materials
    Packaging You-Phase III: Filling the Gaps
    Packaging You-Phase IV: Designing the System-Your Way!
    Packaging You-Phase V: Implementing Your System
    Packaging You-Phase VI: Maintaining
    Your Professional History

    Testing Your Job Description-Are You Docked or Launched?
    Is the Job Title Accurate?
    Is the Purpose Statement Clear, Concise, and Accurate?
    Does It Cover Your Core Accountabilities?
    Do You Know What the Organization Expects?
    Do You Review and Recommend Revisions Periodically?

    Your Performance Compass-How to Gauge Results
    What Does Your Performance Evaluation Say about You?
    What Does Your Performance Evaluation Leave Out?
    Should You Produce a Supplementary Document to Reinforce Your Skills and Accomplishments?
    Are Your Accomplishments Where They Need to Be to Compete in the Market?

    Progress Checkpoints-Accountability Is Key
    What Have You Done and How Well Have You Done It?
    Do You Initiate Periodic Meetings with Your Staff and Your Supervisor to Review Your Progress and Accomplishments?
    Do You and Your Boss and Staff Agree on Your Progress?
    Have You Identified Barriers to Your Progress?
    Have You Developed Written Goals, Objectives, and Action Plans to Ensure Accountability?

    Professional Performance Profile In the Shadows or Orbiting the Sun?
    Identify Your Competencies
    Define the Measurements
         Workplace Competencies 
         Academic Competencies 
         Personal Effectiveness Competencies
    Report to the Stakeholders (also Known as Stakeholder Management)
    Track Your Performance 
    Analyze, Adjust, and Activate
    Ongoing Maintenance
    Market for Multiple Benefits

    Your Mission-One Last Check before Launch
    Your Physical Profile
    Your Mental and Emotional Profile
    Your Verbal, Written, and Body Language Communications Systems
    Your Understanding of Stakeholders' Needs

    Coming Full Circle-Are You Positioned to Help Others?
    Who Are Your Industry Counterparts?
    Are You a Social Networker (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs)?
    Are You a Member of Any Local, State, National, or International Associations?
    Do You Read or Write for Organization Communications-Newsletters, etc.?
    Do You Plan to Participate in a Business/Networking Event each month?

    For Those Who Want It All Right Now-MSP Career Launch Boot Camp: One Year Accelerated Platform
    What Does the Best Look Like?
    Why the Best Never Stop Learning
    Physical Fitness/Nutrition-You Have to Feed Your Brain, Don't You?
    Formal and Informal Education Mandatory!
    Communication Styles: Knowing What to Use When-Continuous Practice
    Why Efficiency and Effectiveness Are Both Critical Business Partners
    Fold New Career Options into Your Job Today

    Things to Remember
    Affirm Yourself
    Laugh Often
    Nurture, Love, and Defend Those in Your Care
    Motivate and Inspire as Only You Can Do
    Never, Ever Stop Dreaming

    Appendix A: Sample Job Descriptions
    Appendix B: Sample MSP Performance Profile
    Appendix C: Reference Guides
    Appendix D: Electronic Career Data Files Guidance
    Appendix E: MSP Professional Development Creed
    Appendix F: Point Checklist


    Donna K. Goestenkors