1st Edition

The Medical Student's Survival Guide Bk. 2

By Elizabeth Cottrell, David Mitchell Copyright 2007

    To the unsuspecting, wearing a stethoscope could not be more easy. You pick it up, place it around your neck and...hey presto...you look like you know what you are doing and people think you are a doctor...This is the no-nonsense guide to the reality of medical student life. Everything you need to know is here. What are my chances of delivering a baby? How many questions should I ask? How do I insert a nasogastric tube without the patient knowing it's my first time? Where will I live when I'm on clinical rounds? Why can't I wear trainers? Will patients like me? What is a patient's 'pack year' history? How do I break bad news? How can I get more sleep? And much, much more.

    Clinical years. Talking with patients and colleagues. History taking. Examination of patients. Presenting patients. Ward life and rounds. Clinics. Theatre. Community placements. How to get the most from medical school. Electives. When things go wrong. Difficult individuals. Life after medical school.


    Elizabeth Cottrell, David Mitchell