1st Edition

The Melanotropic Peptides Volume II: Biological Roles

By M.E. Hadley Copyright 1988
    212 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    The three volumes on "The Melanotropic Peptides" are the outcome of a conference of the same name that was held in Tucson, Arizona, from October 11-12, 1986. Volume II disdcusses the diverse putative physiologial roles of MSH and MCH. A concluding chapter of this volume provides a discussion of the possible evolutionary relationships between MSH and MCH in the control of color change.

    1. Melanotropins and Melanin Pigmentation of the Skin of Mammals 2. Melanotropins, Chromatophores, and Color Change 3. Melanotropin Effects on Pigment Cell Proliferation 4. The Melanotropins, Learning and Memory 5. Melanotropins and Peripheral Nerve Regeneration 6. The actions of a-MSH on the Adrenal Cortex 7. MSH in CNS Control of Fever and its INfluence on Inflammation/Immune Responses 8. The Presence and Possible Function of a-MSH and Other POMC-Derived Peptides in the Reproductive Tract 9. The Role of Melanotropins in Sexual Behaviour 10. Neuroendocrine Effects on Melanotropins 11. Melanin-Concentrating Hormone 12. Melanotropic Peptides and Receptors- An Evolutionary Perspective in Vertebrates


    M.E. Hadley