1st Edition

The Memoirs of Charlotte Papendiek (1765–1840): Court, Musical and Artistic Life in the Time of King George III Memoirs of the Court of George III, Volume 1

By Michael Kassler Copyright 2015

    Mrs Papendiek’s Memoirs record events at court from 1761 – when the future Queen Charlotte came to England to marry King George – until 1792. The Papendieks knew many musicians, including John Christian Bach (son of Johann Sebastian), William Herschel (who became an astronomer) and Haydn. The memoirs also record meetings with artists of the day, such as Thomas Lawrence and Thomas Gainsborough. They are a unique resource, recording significant information about living conditions, dress, education and Anglo-German relations.

    Preface to the 1887 Edition by Augusta Delves Broughton, The Memoirs of Charlotte Papendiek, Postscript to the 1887 Edition by Augusta Delves Broughton, The Papendiek Family after 1792, The First Editor of Charlotte Papendiek’s Memoirs, Portraits of the Papendiek Family, Works to which the Papendiek Family Subscribed, Charlotte Papendiek’s 14 March 1835 Letter to Bridget Ann Papendiek