Anne Walker shows that women are neither the victims of raging hormonal fluctuations nor entirely unaffected by them. Unlike most previous publications that focus on menstruation (a part of the cycle), The Menstrual Cycle presents a well researched study of the entire menstrual cycle and its relationship to women's lives.
    Women's own experiences in different cultures are contrasted with medical textbook descriptions and the "normal" is found to be rather elusive.
    This book will be read by discourse analysts, doctors, nurses and any woman who has felt curious about her menstrual cycle and its possible effects.

    Chapter 1 Menstruation; Chapter 2 A History of Menstrual Psychology; Chapter 3 Methods in Menstrual Cycle Research; Chapter 4 Cognitions and the Menstrual Cycle; Chapter 5 Mood and Well-Being; Chapter 6 Premenstrual Syndrome; Chapter 7 Epilogue: Is There a Psychology of the Menstrual Cycle?;


    Anne E. Walker

    This is a good read for anyone interested in the menstrual cycle ... In addition this is a must for anyone doing menstrual cycle research. It's great for study ideas and you could probably get the references for most studies that you would need to read ... It is also a great advertisement for (and introduction to) feminist methodology. - PSy-PAG Quarterly