1st Edition

The Mexicans A Sense Of Culture

By Floyd Merrell Copyright 2003
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    291 Pages
    by Routledge

    This historical overview of Mexico explores at every opportunity what it is that makes contemporary Mexico the fascinating and vibrant melange of cultures that it is. Embracing an exuberant array of ethnic diversity?including Amerindian, African-American, and European cultures?Mexico is emblematic of much of the clash and combination of cultures that characterizes virtually all of Latin America, from the earliest European conquest and colonization to the present day, The Mexicans: A Sense of Culture captures and reveals the intriguing complexities of daily life in Mexico, from its artistic pursuits to its political and economic patterns.

    Introduction: Learning Language, Knowing Culture 1. Getting It, Between Cultures 2. The Importance of Mexico's Past 3. This New World, Spanish Style 4. Conquest and Colony 5. Cultural Hybridity Emerging 6. Making Today's Mexico: Criollos, Independence, and Caudillos 7. The Mexican Mind: An Interlude 8. Making Today's Mexico: The Nineteenth Century and the Mexican Revolution 9. Problems that Wouldn't Go Away 10. Particular Mexican Ways 11. Making Today's Mexico: Or, How and Why are there Two Mexicos? 12. Along the Political Roller Coaster 13. And Now: Pre-Postmodern Mexico? 14. Flying High or Primed for a Fall?


    Merrell, Floyd