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1st Edition

The Microstructures of Housing Markets

Edited By Susan J. Smith, Moira Munro Copyright 2009
    ISBN 9781138981034
    216 Pages
    Published August 3, 2016 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780415478069
    216 Pages
    Published January 29, 2009 by Routledge

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    House prices and mortgage debt have moved to centre stage in the management of national economies, regional development and neighbourhood change. Describing, analysing and understanding how housing markets work within and across these scales of economy and society has never been more urgent. But much more is known about the macro-scales than the microstructures; and about the economic rather than social drivers of housing market dynamics. This book redresses the balance. It shows that housing markets are social, cultural and psychological – as well as economic – affairs. This multidisciplinary approach is helpful in understanding the economic staples of supply, demand, price and information. It also casts new light on the emotional and political economy of markets.

    1. Introduction  Susan J. Smith and Moira Munro  2. Microeconomic Perspectives on the Structure and Operation of Local Housing Markets  Craig Watkins  3. Understanding Neighbourhood Housing Markets: Regional Context, Disequilibrium, Sub-markets and Supply  Glen Bramley Chris Leishman and David Watkins  4. ‘Doing Deals on the House’ in a ‘Post-welfare’ Society: Evidence of Micro-Market Practices from Britain and the USA  Helen Jarvis  5. Between Investment, Asset and Use Consumption: The Meanings of Homeownership in Japan  Richard Ronald  6. Knowing the Market? Understanding and Performing York’s Housing  Alison Wallace 7. Influences and Emotions: Exploring Family Decision-making Processes when Buying a House  Deborah Levy, Laurence Murphy and Christina K.C. Lee  8. The Effect of Consumers’ Expectations in a Booming Housing Market: Space-time Patterns in the Netherlands, 1999–2000  Jan Rouwendal and Simonetta Longhi  9. Rhetoric in the Language of Real Estate Marketing  Gwilym Pryce and Sarah Oates  10. Calculated Affection? Charting the Complex Economy of Home Purchase  Moira Munro and Susan J. Smith


    Susan J. Smith is Professor of Geography and Director of the Institute of Advanced Study at Durham University, UK.

    Moira Munro is Professor of Public Policy at the University of Glasgow, UK.

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