1st Edition

The Middle East In Global Strategy

    This book emphasizes the vital links between international politics and strategy and provides a comprehensive analysis of strategic interests of the major international actors in the Middle East. It contends that the policies of the superpowers toward the Middle East are fragmented and unproductive.

    Preface -- Part One -- Introduction: On Strategy, Strategic Assessment and the Middle East -- Strategy and Politics: A U.S. Perception -- Regional Actors -- Israel and the Security of the West -- The Emergence of Syria? -- External Influences -- The Middle East in the Strategic Doctrines of the Superpowers -- Power and Limit: U.S. Strategic Doctrine in the Middle East -- The Middle East in Soviet Strategy: The Arab-Israeli Conflict -- The Superpowers and the Middle East: The Maritime Dimension -- Alliances -- Allance Politics in the Middle East: A Security Dilemma Perspective -- NATO and the Middle East -- The Warsaw Pact and the Middle East -- The Gulf: The Middle East -- The Geopolitical Impact of the Islamic Revolution in Iran on the Gulf Region -- The Soviet Union and the Gulf Area -- U.S. Strategic Concerns: Deterrence Dilemmas in the Gulf Region -- Conclusion: Global Strategy, National Interests, and Conflict Management


    Aurel Braun is associate professor of international relations, University of Toronto.