58th Edition

The Middle East and North Africa 2012

Edited By Europa Publications Copyright 2012
    1468 Pages
    by Routledge

    Now in its fifty-eighth edition, this title continues to provide the most up-to-date geo-political and economic information for this important world area.

    Users of the 58th edition will have access to a vast amount of new content, including:

    • comprehensive coverage of the anti-government uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa regions and the conflict in Libya, as well as detailed background information on the political and economic affairs of the affected countries
    • coverage of elections in Cyprus, Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey
    • thoroughly revised directories of political organizations and leaders

    Key Features:

    • covers the Middle East and North Africa from Algeria to Yemen
    • includes topical contributions from acknowledged experts on the region
    • accurately and impartially records the latest political and economic developments
    • provides comprehensive data on all major organizations in the region.

    General Survey

    • introductory essays cover topics relating to the region as a whole, including: Arab–Israeli Relations 1967–2012; The Jerusalem Issue; Documents on Palestine; Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East; The Islamist Movement in the Middle East and North Africa; Oil; Natural Gas; Islamic Banking and Finance; and The Religions of the Middle East and North Africa

    Country Surveys

    Individual chapters on each country incorporating:

    • essays on the physical and social geography, recent history and economy of the country
    • an extensive statistical survey of economic indicators, which include area and population, health and welfare, agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, industry, finance, trade, transport, tourism, communications media and education
    • a full directory with names, addresses and contact details covering the constitution, government, legislature, political organizations, election commissions, diplomatic representation, judiciary, religious groups, the media, finance, trade and industry (including petroleum and natural gas), tourism, defence and education
    • a bibliography, providing suggestions for further research.

    Regional Information

    • includes all major international organizations active in the region; research institutes specializing in the region; and select bibliographies of books and periodicals covering the Middle East and North Africa.

    Part 1: General Survey.  Part 2: Country Surveys.  Algeria.  Bahrain.  Cyprus.  Egypt.  Iran.  Iraq.  Israel.  Jordan.  Kuwait.  Lebanon.  Libya.  Morocco.  Oman.  Palestinian Autonomous Areas.  Qatar.  Saudi Arabia.  Spanish North Africa.  Syria.  Tunisia.  Turkey.  United Arab Emirates.  Yemen.  Part 3: Regional Information.  Regional Organizations.


    Europa Publications

    'There is simply nothing else on the market that provides as much material on each of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa in one volume.' - Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies

    'The Middle East and North Africa 2011 is internationally regarded as the most reliable and complete reference to the region ... No serious reference library should be without this publication.' - The Middle East Magazine, January 2011

    'Rather than just a snapshot the directories provide a more comprehensive understanding of the regions covered.' - Refer, Journal of the ISG

    'The information in these directories is important. Both for understanding current events with a major impact on all of us and for supporting diversity in the community where there are many people with Middle Eastern or African origins and connections. I commend both these works.' - Refer, Journal of the ISG