1st Edition

The Middle East in Transition
Studies in Contemporary History

Edited By

Walter Z. Laqueur

ISBN 9781138221369
Published May 8, 2018 by Routledge
536 Pages

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Book Description

This collection of essays, first published in 1958, presents analyses by some 34 specialists on key political and social trends in the Middle East. They take the reader through the history of the Middle East to help reveal the background behind the changes that took place in the middle of the twentieth century – a time of fundamental political, economic and social change in the region.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Social and Political Change  1. Social Reform: Factor X Sir Hamilton A.R. Gibb  2. Arab Unity and Arab Dissensions Hans E. Tütsch  3. Economic and Social Foundations of Democracy in the Middle East Charles Issawi  4. Social Awakening and Economic Development in the Middle East Sa’id B. Himadeh  5. The Middle Class in the Arab World Morroe Berger  6. Middle Eastern Development – Another Missing Link A.F. Mills  7. Egyptian Attitudes Towards Land Reform, 1922-55 Gabriel Baer  8. Pan-Arabism and British Policy Elie Kedourie  9. The Great Catastrophe G.F. Hudson  10. Political Trends in the Fertile Crescent W. Khalidi  11. The Ideology of the Egyptian Revolution Jean Vigneau  12. Arab Nationalism Nissim Rejwan  13. Sudanese Nationalism and Self-Determination P.M. Holt  14. Turkey and the Middle East Andrew J.A. Mango  15. Ideological Crisis in Iran F. Kazemzadeh  16. The Origins of Israel Sir Isaiah Berlin  17. Levant Dusk: The Refugee Situation Stewart Perowne  18. The Arab Refugees: A Study in Frustration Mizra Khan  19. Development in Iraq I Hal Lehrman  20. Development in Iraq II from The Economist  21. Islam and the Theory of Arab Nationalism Sylvia G. Haim  Part 2. Communism, the Soviet Union, and the Middle East  22. Communism and Islam Bernard Lewis  23. Syria: Nationalism and Communism Walter Z. Laqueur  24. The Arab Socialist Movement Gebran Majdalani  25. The Islamic Community and Communism Dr. Nabih Amin Faris  26. The ‘National Front’ in Communist Strategy in the Middle East A. Bennigsen  27. Recent Soviet Attitudes Towards Islam Geoffrey Wheeler  28. Soviet Cultural Propaganda in the Middle East Iwar Spector  29. The Background of Soviet Policy in the Middle East H. Carrère d’Encausse  30. Sultan Galiev: the USSR and the Colonial Revolution A. Bennigsen  31. The Shamil Problem Paul B. Henze  32. Nationalism and Communism in the Arab World: A Reappraisal A.V. Sherman  33. The Future of Culture in Arab Society Dr. Muhammad Kamal Ayyad  34. The Egyptian Intelligentsia Georges Ketman  35. Two Soviet Views on the Middle East  35.1. The Growth of National Consciousness Among the Arab Peoples (1945-55) L.N. Vatolina  35.2. The Revolution of July 1952 in Egypt V.B. Lurskii

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