94th Edition

The Military Balance 1994-1995

Edited By Rachel Neaman Copyright 1995

    First published in 1995. The Military Balance is updated each year to provide a timely, quantitative assessment of the military forces and defence expenditures of over 160 countries. The current volume contains as of 1 June 1994. The break-up of the Soviet Union necessitated a re-evaluation of the way in which The Military Balance divides the world into geographical sections. Russia is both a European and an Asian state and is given a separate section in the book.

    The Military Balance 1994-1995: Layout and Principles of Compilation; Index; 1. COUNTRIES; The United States; NATO; Non-NATO Europe; Russia; The Middle East and North Africa; Central and Southern Asia; East Asia and Australasia; Caribbean and Latin America; Sub-Saharan Africa; 2. TABLE AND ANALYSES; Developments in the Field of Weapons of Mass Destruction Other Arms-Control Developments; Table: Conventional Forces in Europe; Peacekeeping Operations; Estimating and Interpreting Defence Economic Data Reader Reaction Questionnaire; Abbreviations


    Rachel Neaman