1st Edition

The Military Orders Volume II Welfare and Warfare

Edited By Helen Nicholson Copyright 1998

    This book focuses on the beginnings of the Military Orders and their heyday at the time of the Crusades, dealing with topics such as medieval hospital care, warfare in Lithuania, welfare in a large medieval town, the Reformation in Switzerland and 17th-century European diplomacy.

    J.Riley-Smith; B. Z. Kedar, S.Edgington; C.Toll; P.Mitchell; K. Militzer; B. Demel; K. van Eickels; J. Phillips; D. Pringle; H. Nicholson; S. Ekdahl; S. Menache; A. Luttrell; V. Mallia-Milanes; A. Forey; S. Cerrini; J. Burgtorf; L. Jan and V. Jesensk´y; P. Pinto Costa; A. Pestana de Vasconcelos; F. Karassava-Tsilingiri; J. Sarnowsky; T.M.Vann; L. García-Guijarro Ramos; K. Borchardt; J.A. Mol; J. M. Rodríguez García; M. Barber; 'M. Dupuy; C. Barquero Goñi; C.T. Maier; D. F. Allen; J. Schellakowsky


    Helen Nicholson is Professor of Medieval History at the School of History, Archaeology and Religion at Cardiff University. Her publications on the Templars include The Proceedings against the Templars in the British Isles (2011), The Debate on the Trial of the Templars (1307–1314) (2010 with J. Burgtorf and P.F. Crawford) and The Knights Templar: A New History (2001).