1st Edition

The Mind and Mood of Aging Mental Health Problems of the Community Elderly in New York and London

    Originally published in 1983, this cross-national study had three aims. First, to examine the cross-national differences among the elderly community in the prevalence of psychiatric problems and their relationship to other health and social problems. Second, to examine the differences in health care of aged people, with a view to providing a framework for improvement of health and support services to those elderly with psychiatric problems who reside in the community. Finally, the differences in the course and outcome of psychiatric disability with implications for the role of healthcare and community resources in reducing chronic disability or its consequences.

    This study included the examination of two randomly drawn probability samples of people over the age of sixty-five years and resident in the cities of New York and London. The people studied were reinterviewed after one year in order to record their use of health services and the course of their symptoms, or the development of new symptoms. Social and medical factors were studied in relation to psychopathological conditions.

    Foreword.  Acknowledgments.  Prologue.  Section I: Overview  1. Aims and Purposes of the Cross-National Geriatric Community Study  2. Cross-National Context  3. Features of the Study  Section II: Methods  1. Assessment of Health and Social Problems and Service Utilization  2. Sampling Design  3. Field Work Methods and Response Rates  Section III: Results  1. Comparison of Demographic Characteristics  2. Comparison of Health and Social Problems  3. Comparison of the Prevalence of Depression and Dementia  4. Comparison of Personal Time Dependence  Section IV: Service Utilization  1. Comparison of Services Used by a Cross-Section of the Elderly  2. Comparison of Services Used by the Elderly with Pervasive Dementia or Pervasive Depression  3. Comparison of Services and Intensity of Formal and Informal Support Systems for Dependent Elderly  Section V: Conclusion  1. Advances in Method  2. Dementia  3. Depression  4. Disability  5. Images and Realities.  Appendix I.  Appendix II.  Bibliography.


    Barry Gurland, John Copeland, Judith Kuriansky, Michael Kelleher, Lawrence Sharpe, Laura Lee Dean