3rd Edition

The Minister's Guide to Psychological Disorders and Treatments

By W. Brad Johnson, William L. Johnson Copyright 2023
    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    In its third edition, The Minister’s Guide to Psychological Disorders and Treatments is the definitive guide to everything a minister might need to know about the most common psychological disorders and current evidence-based mental health treatments.

    Written in straightforward and accessible language, this is the minister’s one-stop guide to understanding common mental health problems, helping parishioners who struggle with them, and thinking strategically about whether to refer —and if so, to whom. This updated edition is fully aligned with the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5-TR) and the most current evidence-based psychological treatments. This third edition infuses significant attention to culture and diversity, with diverse case examples and fresh content on cultural humility, diagnostic interviewing, assessment, sociocultural contributors to mental health disorders, such as religious community, race, and gender. The third edition also includes coverage of more treatment strategies such as mindfulness, medical cannabis, and light therapy for seasonal depression, as well as revised sections and updated references on major psychological disorders and childhood and relationship problems, including gender dysphoria, binge eating disorder, and intellectual disabilities.

    Written with deep empathy for the demands of contemporary pastoring, this guide is destined to become an indispensable reference work for busy clergy in all ministry roles and settings.

    1. Why a Minister’s Guide 2. Ministerial Triage: Empathy, Assessment, and Cultural Humility 3. Types of Mental Health Treatment 4. The Parishioner in Distress: Major Psychological Disorders, Part I 5. The Parishioner in Distress: Major Psychological Disorders, Part II 6. Causing Distress in Others: Maladaptive Personalities 7. Children and the Family in Distress: Childhood and Relationship Problems 8. Referring to Mental Health Professionals 9. Ethical Guidelines: What to Expect From Mental Health Professionals


    W. Brad Johnson, PhD, is professor of psychology in the department of leadership, ethics, and law at the United States Naval Academy and a faculty associate in the Graduate School of Education at Johns Hopkins University. He is a clinical psychologist and former commissioned officer in the Navy’s Medical Services Corps.

    William L. Johnson, PhD, was professor emeritus of the department of psychology at Whitworth University while maintaining an active private practice in psychology. For much of his career, he was a church elder and busy consultant to a generation of ministers.

    "The Johnsons have updated and expanded their outstanding Minister’s Guide to Psychological Disorders and Treatment to make it an even more timely, relevant, and valuable resource for all members of the clergy. Knowing that ministers are the first individuals sought out for support and assistance when parishioners experience mental health and relationship difficulties, being prepared to serve in this role is of paramount importance. This guide provides ministers with the information needed to thoughtfully and sensitively triage and assist their parishioners as well as knowing how and to whom to make referrals to mental health professionals when needed. In these times of increased stress and trauma, and widely experienced emotional and relationship difficulties, I view this book as essential reading for every minister."

    - Jeffery Barnett, PsyD, ABPP; professor of clinical psychology, Loyola University of Maryland

    "The Minister’s Guide to Psychological Disorders and Treatments, Third Edition, is unequivocally the best book on essential concerns posed by common psychiatric disorders that I’ve ever read. Authors W. Brad Johnson and William L. Johnson jam-packed their book with wisdom reaching far beyond a typical textbook. Their chapter on ministerial triage is priceless for institutional chaplains and parish clergy. The entire book is extremely practical in addressing, with insight and compassion, what I’ve witnessed as a professional chaplain for over thirty years. I wish I had this powerful resource in my earlier years as a chaplain. As a faculty member, this book is on the required reading list for every course I teach on chaplaincy. Every chaplain and parish clergy needs a copy. Their words and wisdom are incredibly useful for any minister but utterly indispensable for the practicing chaplain."

    - Rev. Dr. Alan T. Baker; Author Foundations of Chaplaincy: A Practical Guide (Eerdmans 2021); CEO ChaplainCare (chaplaincare.com); 16th Chaplain of the U.S. Marine Corps; Rear Admiral, Chaplain Corps, US Navy (Retired); Affiliate Faculty Member of Fuller Theological Seminary and Wesley Theological Seminary

    "In this 3rd edition of The Minister’s Guide to Psychological Disorders and Treatments, Drs. Brad Johnson and William Johnson have provided an accessible, timely, relevant resource for pastoral counselors that are tasked with guiding their parishioners toward health and healing. As mental health awareness and reduction of stigmatization of mental health concerns advances in faith communities, parishioners complex mental health needs will more readily be revealed in pastoral care encounters. Incorporating the elements of triage and cultural humility in this edition equips pastoral counselors to provide the current best practices in meeting the needs of individuals in a contextually relevant manner and ensures appropriate care giving and professional collaboration as indicated. This text will serve those in pastoral counseling well and will function as an often utilized tool in their pastoral counseling library."

    - Kathryn Ecklund, Ph.D.; Licensed Psychologist, Professor, Azusa Pacific University