1st Edition

The Minor Law Books

By F. Max Muller Copyright 2001

    This is a subset of the Sacred Books of the East Series which includes translations of all the most important works of the seven non-Christian religions which have exercised a profound influence on the civilizations of the continent of Asia. The works have been translated by leading authorities in their field.

    INTRODUCTION TO NARADA, ABBREVIATIONS, NARADA, THE AUTHOR'S PREFACE, INTRODUCTION: I. Legal Procedure, II. The Plaint, III. Courts of Justice, FIRST TITLE OF LAW: The Law of Debt, SECOND TITLE OF LAW: Deposits, THIRD TITLE OF LAW: Partnership, FOURTH TITLE OF LAW: Resumption of Gift, FIFTH TITLE OF LAW: Breach of a Contract of Service, SIXTH TITLE OF LAW: Non-payment of Wages, SEVENTH TITLE OF LAW: Sales Effected by Another than the Rightful Owner, EIGHTH TITLE OF LAW: Non-delivery of a Sold Chattel, NINTH TITLE OF LAW: Rescission of Purchase, TENTH TITLE OF LAW: Transgression of a Compact, ELEVENTH TITLE OF LAW: Boundary Disputes, TWELFTH TITLE OF LAW: The Mutual Duties of Husband and Wife, THIRTEENTH TITLE OF LAW: The Law of Inheritance, FOURTEENTH TITLE OF LAW: Heinous Offences, FIFTEENTH AND SIXTEENTH TITLES OF LAW: Abuse Assault, SEVENTEENTH TITLE OF LAW: Games, EIGHTEENTH TITLE OF LAW: Miscellaneous, APPENDIX, QUOTATIONS FROM NARADA, INTRODUCTION TO THE FRAGMENTS OF BRIHASPATI, BRIHASPATI, ADDENDA


    F. Max Muller