1st Edition

The Morality and Global Justice Reader

By Michael Boylan Copyright 2011
    439 Pages
    by Routledge

    439 Pages
    by Routledge

    This cutting-edge volume of original essays features a diverse, international team of prominent scholars examining issues of morality and justice within a global perspective. The chapters are grouped according to an integrative design that progresses from normative principles to normative theories to normative applications. Applications chapters address current significant and provocative topics such as poverty and the global economy; global health; religion; war; and gender, identity, and family. Distinguished philosopher and volume editor Michael Boylan provides a unifying introduction to each section. In addition, an abstract and list of key words provide readers with an informative entry into each reading. An engaging resource for all students of philosophy and politics, The Morality and Global Justice Reader not only offers an essential foundation of global justice and its policy implications, but also aims to inspire readers to positive action for change.



    Normative Principles



    Global Human Rights

    Robert Paul Churchill

    On Justifying Human Rights

    John-Stewart Gordon

    When is Ignorance Morally Objectionable?

    Julie Kirsch

    The Ethics of Otherness

    Wanda Teays


    Normative Theories



    Consequentialism and Global Ethics

    Hallvard Lillehammer

    How to Think about Global Duties: A Deontological Approach

    Christian Illies


    Normative Applications


    Poverty and the Global Economy


    Collective Responsibility

    Seumas Miller

    Building Wealth with Conditional Cash Transfers: A Strategy for Economic Mobility

    Michael Boylan

    Ethics and Global Finance

    Klaus Steigleder

    Global Business and Global Justice

    Nien-He Hsieh


    Global Health and the Environment


    Global Health Justice

    Michael J. Selgelid

    Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Life-Saving Medicines

    Doris Schroeder, Thomas Pogge, and Peter Singer

    Challenges to the Global Environment

    Andrew Light




    What Price Theocracy?

    Laura Purdy

    Global Ethics in the Academy

    James A. Donahue 




    The Law of Peoples

    David Cummiskey

    Cosmopolitan Revisions of Just War

    Gabriel Palmer Fernandez


    Gender, Identity, and Family


    Women on the Move

    Rosmarie Tong

    Gender and Sex Development

    Simona Giordano

    Duties to Children

    Michael Boylan


    Michael Boylan