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The Multiplayer Classroom
Game Plans

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April 30, 2021 Forthcoming by CRC Press
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Book Description

The Multiplayer Classroom: Game Plans is a companion to The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game, now in its second edition from CRC Press. This book covers four multiplayer classroom projects played in the real world in real time to teach and entertain. They were funded by grants or institutions, collaborations between Lee Sheldon, as writer/designer, and subject matter experts in various fields. They are written to be accessible to anyone: designer, educator or lay person, interested in game-based learning. The subjects are increasingly relevant in this day and age: physical fitness, Chinese, cybersecurity and especially an online class exploring culture and identity on the internet that is unlike any online class you have ever seen. Read the annotated, often-suspenseful stories of how each game, with its unique challenges, thrills and spills, was built.

Author Back Cover Bio:

Lee Sheldon began his writing career in television as a writer-producer, eventually writing over 200 shows ranging from Charlie’s Angels (writer) to Edge of Night (head writer) to Star Trek: The Next Generation (writer-producer). Having written and designed more than forty commercial and applied video games, Lee spearheaded the first full writing for games concentration in North America at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the second writing concentration at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is a regular lecturer and consultant on game design and writing in the U.S. and abroad. His most recent commercial game, the award-winning The Lion’s Song, is currently on Steam. For the past two years he consulted on an "escape room in a box," funded by NASA, that gives visitors to hundreds of science museums and planetariums the opportunity to play colonizers on the moon. He is currently writing his second mystery novel.

Table of Contents

Section 1 Skeleton Chase 2: The Psychic

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Foreword (Jeanne Johnson)

Chapter 3 Design Document

Chapter 4 Episode 1 - Trailhead

Chapter 5 Episode 2 – Gimme Shelter

Chapter 6 Episode 3 - Stardust

Chapter 7 Episodes 4 & 5 – Crop Circles

Chapter 8 Episode 6 - Champions

Chapter 9 Episode 7 – Skeleton Chase

Chapter 10 Afterword

Section 2 The Lost Manuscript

Chapter 11 Introduction

Chapter 12 Foreword (ShihChia Chen Thompson)

Chapter 13 Design Document

Chapter 14 Episode 1 - The Heritage Library Program

Chapter 15 Episode 2 - China Bound

Chapter 16 Episode 3 - Last Class Before China

Chapter 17 Episode 4 - Capital International Airport

Chapter 18 Episode 5 - Reception

Chapter 19 Episode 6 - The Teahouse

Chapter 20 Episode 7 - Codebreaking

Chapter 21 Episode 8 - The Forbidden City

Chapter 22 Episode 9 – Police Headquarters

Chapter 23 Afterword

Section 3 Secrets: An Internet Mystery

Chapter 24 Introduction

Chapter 25 Foreword (David Seelow)

Chapter 26 Design Document

Chapter 27 Episode 1 – Primal Empathy

Chapter 28 Episode 2 – The Present Is the Past of the Future

Chapter 29 Episode 3 – Have a Hart

Chapter 30 Episode 4 – Change of Heart

Chapter 31 Episode 5 – Follow the Money

Chapter 32 Episode 6 – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Chapter 33 Episode 7 – The Experiment

Chapter 34 Episode 8 - Showdown

Chapter 35 Afterword

 Section 4 The Janus Door

Chapter 36 Introduction

Chapter 37 Foreword (Zachary N.J. Peterson)

Chapter 38 Design Document

Chapter 39 Episode 0 - Introduction (Week 1)

Chapter 40 Episode 0 - Introduction Continued (Week 2)

Chapter 41 Episode 0 – Door Bell (Week 2)

Chapter 42 Episode 1 - Unlocked Door (Week 3)

Chapter 43 Episode 1 – Unlocked Door Part 2 (Week 3)

Chapter 44 Episode 2 - Tower Door (Week 4)

Chapter 45 Episode 2 - Tower Door Part 2 (Week 4)

Chapter 46 Episode 3 - Open Door (Week 5)

Chapter 47 Episode 4 – Janus Door (Week 5)

Chapter 48 Episode 5 – Knocking on the Door (Week 6)

Chapter 49 Episode 6 – Back Door (Week 6)

Chapter 50 Episode 7 – Pick a Door (Week 7)

Chapter 51 Episode 8 – Trap Door (Week 7)

Chapter 52 Episode 9 - Spirit Door (Week 8)

Chapter 53 Episode 10 – Locked Door (Week 8)

Chapter 54 Episode 11- Golden Door (Week 9)

Chapter 55 Episode 12 – Swinging Door (Week 9)

Chapter 56 Episode 13 – Kicking Down the Door (Week 10)

Chapter 57 Episode 14 – Cell Door? (Week 10)

Chapter 58 Afterword 

Chapter 59 Postmortem

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Lee Sheldon began his writing career in television as a writer-producer, eventually writing over 200 produced shows ranging from Charlie’s Angels (writer) to Edge of Night (head writer) to Star Trek: The Next Generation (writer-producer). In 1994, tired of television, Lee turned to his new love: video games. Since then he has worked on over 40 games. In 2006 he began teaching video game writing and design at Indiana University. While there he first started designing classes as games. He also wrote and designed an alternate reality game that went through three iterations. The first two, The Skeleton Chase and Skeleton Chase 2: The Psychic, were funded by the Robert Wood Foundation and were designed to improve student fitness. The third, Skeleton Chase: Warp Speed was a redesign of the second game, shrinking playtime from 7 weeks to 3 days for a group of Coca Cola executives from North Africa.In 2010 Lee moved to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he was an Associate Professor in the Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences program. There he was co-director of the GSAS program for three years and created the first full writing for games program in North America. He was lead writer and creative director on several incarnations, both a class designed as a game and a digital version, of The Lost Manuscript a narrative-driven game teaching Chinese language and culture.He joined the Interactive Media and Game Development (IMGD) program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2015 where he is again designing classes as games and has developed the second full writing for games curriculum in North America. Lee’s book Character Development and Storytelling for Games (Second Edition, 2013) is the standard text in the field. He wrote the bestselling book The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game (2011). Over 1500 people in 45 countries now follow the Facebook page for his method of teaching classes as multiplayer games. His recent applied game projects include The Janus Door, a cybersecurity class designed as a game, funded by an NSF grant, and currently running at California Polytechnic State University. He wrote and designed Secrets: A Cyberculture Mystery Game, an online class designed as a game teaching culture and identity on the Internet for Excelsior College that went live Fall 2015; and wrote Crimson Dilemma, a business ethics video game for his old school, Indiana University, that debuted Fall 2014. His most recent entertainment games are The Lion’s Song, an episodic game following the creative and personal struggles of four