1st Edition

The Muslim Eurasia Conflicting Legacies

Edited By Yaacov Ro'i Copyright 1995

    The former Muslim republics of the USSR are struggling to strike a balance between the legacy of the Soviet regime and the revival of their own, traditional culture. This volume examines the religion, economy and demography of the areas as well as both internal and external relations.

    Introduction, 1. The Secularization of Islam and the USSR's Muslim Areas 2 Islam and Fundamentalism in Independent Central Asia 3 Does Islamic Fundamentalism Exist in Russia? 4 Islam and Ethnic Identity in Central Asia: A View from Below 5 Geopolitics and Ethnic Problems of Uzbekistan and Its Neighbours 6 Regionalism and Clan Loyalty in the Political Life of Uzbekistan 7 Tajikistan: Political Parties in an Inchoate National Space 8 A Year of Rule by the Popular Front of Azerbaijan 9. Unity, Diversity and Conflict in the Northern Caucasus 10.


    Yaacov Ro'i

    'Ro'i's effort is to be commended: it should serve as a model for future scholarly projects.' - Studies in Contemporary Jewry

    'The book can be an invaluable grounding for anyone embarking on an association ... with the region, and particularly with Central Asia.' - Asian Affairs

    'This is a major contribution to a rapidly growing field of scholarship.' - Immigrants and Minorities

    'The Cummings Center of Tel Aviv University deserves the highest praise for publishing this informative volume.' - Slavic Review