1st Edition

The NEC and You Perfect Together A Comprehensive Study of the National Electrical Code

By Gregory P. Bierals Copyright 2022
    222 Pages
    by River Publishers

    This book uses a unique approach of identifying the terms defined in NEC Article 100 and connecting these definitions to the appropriate sections in Chapters 1 through 9, with detailed explanations that will serve to enhance the reader’s understanding of this complex subject.

    This volume contains extensive information on the following:

    • Branch Circuits
    • Feeders
    • Services
    • Overcurrent Protection
    • Grounding Systems and Equipment
    • Bonding
    • Impedance Grounded Systems
    • Separately Derived Systems
    • Functional Grounding
    • Calculating Ground-Fault Currents
    • Motors, Motor Circuits, and Controllers
    • Transformers
    • Health Care Facilities
    • Hazardous (Classified) Locations
    • Information Technology Equipment
    • Emergency Systems
    • Tables and Examples

    Readership: Anyone involved in the design and installation of the electrical systems in residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities.


    Article 90


    Article 100

    Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, and Mobile Home Parks

    Recreational Vehicles and Recreational Vehicle Parks

    Available Short Circuit Current

    Motor Feeder

    Selective Coordination

    NEC References for GFCI Requirements

    Dwelling Unit Receptacle Outlets

    Equipment Grounding

    Grounding Electrode System

    Primary Conductors

    Secondary Conductors

    Over 1000 Volts, Nominal

    To Convert U.S. Customs Units of Measurement to Metric Sizes

    Series Circuits


    Gregory P. Bierals, President, Electrical Design Institute, LLC, has presented seminars worldwide on various topics including the National Electrical Code, Grounding Electrical Distribution Systems, Designing Overcurrent Protection, Electrical Equipment Maintenance, and Designing Electrical Systems for Hazardous (Classified) Locations. He has maintained an extensive client list during the past 45 years and he has earned the reputation of being an extraordinary lecturer as a result of his organization of materials and knowledge of this subject.