1st Edition

The National Security of Small States in a Changing World

Edited By Efraim Inbar, Gabriel Sheffer Copyright 1997

    The first part of this book is primarily devoted to analysing the impact of the system of international relations on the fortunes of small states. The second part discusses the question 'what changes in the national strategy of small states are necessary in view of the new international system?' The authors of this volume come from various parts of the world and espouse differing outlooks. Nevertheless, they were able to coalesce around a similar theme in an effort to contribute to the international understanding of the special challenges that confront the world's small states.

    Contemporary Security Policy - reviewed by Adrian Hyde-Price - Uni of Birmingham

    "This edited volume is thus a welcome addition to the burgeoning literature on small states ... This book will thus be of particular value to all those concerned with the security dilemmas facing small states in the contemporary global system. It should also be of broader interest to those interested in the changing nature of security in the post-Cold War environment."

    The International History Review, Vol 21, No 2, June 99

    "The individual essays in this volume are worthwhile. Carefully crafted and thoughtfully expounded, they yield insights about the security dilemmas facing the small players on the international stage.


    Efraim Inbar, Gabriel Sheffer