1st Edition

The Nature of Thought Essays in Honor of D.o. Hebb

Edited By P. W. Jusczyk, R. M. Klein Copyright 1981
    278 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First published in 1980. This is a collection of lectures around Professor Emeritus Don O.Hebb of Dalhousie University on the major trends in cognitive psychology. It includes essays on Hebb's ideas and impact on current psychological theorizing; his 'structure of thought', and a collection under the section of 'Information-Processing Analysis'.

    Part 1 Introduction; Chapter 1 D. O. Hebb, Raymond M. Klein; Chapter 2 The Structure of Thought, D. O. Hebb; Part 2 Information-Processing Analysis; Chapter 3 Information-Processing Explanations of Understanding, Herbert A. Simon; Chapter 4 The Comparative Study of Serially Integrated Behavior in Humans and Animals, T. G. Bever, R. O. Straub, H. S. Terrace, D. J. Townsend; Part 3 Attention and Performance; Chapter 5 Mental Chronometry and the Problem of Consciousness, Michael I. Posner; Chapter 6 The Limits of Cognition, Ulric Neisser; Part 4 Mental Representation; Chapter 7 On Weighing Things in Your Mind, Allan Paivio; Chapter 8 The Lingua Mentis and Its Role in Thought, Peter W. Jusczyk, Bruce Earhard; Chapter 9 On the Psychology of Structural Simplicity, Janet Krueger, Daniel Osherson; Part 5 Mind and Brain; Chapter 10 Cognitive and Neural Maps, Lynn Nadel; Chapter 11 Component Properties of the Memory Machine, Graham V. Goddard;


    Edited by Jusczyk, P. W.; Klein, R. M.