1st Edition

The Navy of World War II, 1922-1947

By Paul H. Silverstone Copyright 2008
    456 Pages
    by Routledge

    458 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Navy of World War II, 1922-1946 comprehensively covers the vessels that defined this momentous 24-year period in U.S. naval history. Beginning with the lean, pared-down navy created by the treaty at the Washington Naval Conference, and ending with the massive, awe-inspiring fleets that led the Allies to victory in the Second World War, the fourth volume in the celebrated U.S. Navy Warship series presents a detailed guide to all the warships that exhibited the might of the U.S. Navy to the fullest. Showcasing all the ships—both the famous and the often overlooked-that propelled the U.S Navy to prominence in the first half of the twentieth century, The Navy of World War II catalogues all the warships from this era, including those that did battle in the European, Mediterranean, and Pacific Theaters from 1941-1946. From the fleet attacked at Pearl Harbor, to those that fought valiantly in the Battle of the Guadalcanal, to the official surrender of the Japanese on the deck of the USS Missouri, this latest volume is the definitive guide to the warships that defined this pivotal period in U.S. naval history.

    Each volume in the U.S. Navy Warship series represents the most meticulous scholarship for its particular era, providing an authoritative account of every ship in the history of the U. S. Navy from its first incarnation as the Continental Navy to its present position as one of the world’s most formidable naval superpowers. Featuring convenient, easy-to-read tabular lists, every book in the series includes an abundance of illustrations, some never before published, along with figures for actions fought, damages sustained, casualties suffered, prizes taken, and ships sunk, ultimately making the series an indispensable reference tool for maritime buffs and military historians alike.

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    Introduction. Explanation of Data.  List of Abbreviations.  Chronology. Naval Ordnance, 1922-1946  1. Battleships  2. Aircraft Carriers  3. Cruisers  4. Destroyers  5. Destroyer Escorts  6. Submarines  7. Mine Vessels  8. Patrol Vessels  9. Amphibious Vessels  10. Support Vessels  11. Transport Vessels  12. Tugs  13. United States Coast Guard  14. United States Coast & Geodetic Survey  Appendix: List of Shipbuilders.  Bibliography.  Index


    Paul Silverstone is an internationally recognized naval authority known for his many books and articles on warships. He is author of US Warships of WWII and editor of the naval notes column of Warship International, the quarterly journal of the international Naval Research Organization.

    'The sheer amount of information contained within the neatly designed 432 pages is monumental…the author and his publisher should be congratulated for compiling so much data into this book – making it ‘the’ single volume reference source on the US Navy from the time of the Washington Navy Treaty to the aftermath of World War Two.’Warships Magazine

    Praise for the U.S. Navy Warship series

    "Invaluable tools for any historian working in American naval history."

    —International Journal of Maritime History

    "These are just what naval history buffs and modelers want when searching for information—everything about a vessel or its class is compiled on the same page. What a time saver!"

    —Ships in Scale

    "An important reference work from a recognized and expert author with a long tradition of scholarship."

    —American Reference Books Annual

    "A necessity for any library."

    —Nautical Research Journal