1st Edition

The Negritos of Malaya

By Ivor Evans Copyright 1937
    452 Pages
    by Routledge

    340 Pages
    by Routledge

    Published in 1937. This book, written by the well-known authority on the ethnology and archaeology of the Malay Peninsula, presents a compact and detailed account of the Negritos, one of the three paga races of the Peninsula. It brings up to date much of the previous work on this subject, and deals with all aspects of their character and environment. By way of introduction, there is a general description of the geography and development of the Peninsula, together with a discussion of statistics concerning the tribe's distribution, their health, habitat, and territories. The author then examines the various aspects of their everyday life, including social and domestic customs, hunting, agriculture, dress, ornamentation, musical instruments, and art, as well as their religious beliefs and superstitions. The chapters on their weapons are particularly detailed and informative, and the book is supported throughout by useful illustrations.

    Although many further studies of this area and its people have been made since the first publication of this book in 1937, its methodical and careful documentation has yet to be superseded, and it remains indispensable to all students of anthropology and sociology.

    1. The Geography and Development of the Malay Peninsula: Negrito Distribution and Habitat.  2. Numbers, Health, Territories.  3. Groups, Group Names, Government.  4. Intercouse with Malays and Foreigners.  5. General Appearance, Personal Character.  6. Dwellings.  7. Household Utensils, Food, Cooking, Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing, Narcotics, Fire-Making.  8. Clothing, Ornaments, Hairdressing.  9. Face-Painting, Mutilations, Tattooing.  10. Weapons - the Bow and Arrow and the Blowpipe.  11. Weapons (continued) - Dart-quivers, Darts, Shooting with the Blowpipe, the Poison and its Effects.  12. Musical Instruments, Singing, Dancing.  13. Negrito Art.  14. The Negrito Deities.  15. The Negrito Deities (continued).  16. The Creation of the World, the Origin of the Negritos, the Sun, the Moon, the Rainbow, Rain.  17. Thunder, Lightning, Tabus and Punishment Tales.  18. The Pillar that Supports the Heavens.  19. The Shaman.  20. The Shaman (continued).  21. Various Folk-lore Beliefs and Customs.  22. Folk-Tales.  23. Birth, Naming, Marriage, Relationship Tabus, etc.  24. The Afterworld.  25. Death and Burial.  26. Linguistics.  27. Bodily Powers and Physical Anthropology.


    Ivor Evans