1st Edition

The Neuro-Consumer Adapting Marketing and Communication Strategies for the Subconscious, Instinctive and Irrational Consumer's Brain

    Neuroscientific research shows that the great majority of purchase decisions are irrational and driven by subconscious mechanisms in our brains. This is hugely disruptive to the rational, logical arguments of traditional communication and marketing practices and we are just starting to understand how organizations must adapt their strategies. This book explains the subconscious behavior of the "neuro-consumer" and shows how major international companies are using these findings to cast light on their own consumers’ behavior.

    Written in plain English for business and management readers with no scientific background, it focuses on:

    • how to adapt marketing and communication to the subconscious and irrational behaviors of consumers;
    • the direct influence of the primary senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) on purchasing decisions and the perception of communications by customers’ brains;
    • implications for innovation, packaging, price, retail environments and advertising;
    • the use of "nudges" and artifices to increase marketing and communication efficiency by making them neuro-compatible with the brain’s subconscious expectations;
    • the influence of social media and communities on consumers’ decisions – when collective conscience is gradually replacing individual conscience and recommendation becomes more important than communication; and
    • the ethical limits and considerations that organizations must heed when following these principles.

    Authored by two globally recognized leaders in business and neuroscience, this book is an essential companion to marketers and brand strategists interested in neuroscience and vital reading for any advanced student or researcher in this area.

    Acknowledgements, Introduction, Part I The Advent of the Neuro-Consumer, Introduction, Chapter 1 From Philosophical Theory to Neuroscience, Chapter 2 Consumer Behaviour Studied by Marketing Research, Chapter 3 Limits of Marketing Studies and the Advent of the "Neuro-Consumer", Chapter 4 The Brain, Underestimated by Science for Centuries, Chapter 5 Neuromarketing and the Neuro-Consumer, Two 21st Century Inventions, Chapter 6 Neuroscientific Techniques Used to Understand the Neuro-Consumer’s Behaviour, Points to Remember, Part II Understanding the Neuro-Consumer’s Brain, Introduction, Chapter 7 The Neuro-Consumer’s Brain: A Complex Organ, Chapter 8 Is the Brain Free or Programmed? Chapter 9 How Age and Gender Condition the Brain, Chapter 10 How Memory Conditions the Brain, Chapter 11 The Influence of Emotions and Desires, Points to Remember, Part III The Neuro-Consumer’s Brain Influences by the Senses, Introduction, Chapter 12 The Neuro-Consumer and the Sense of Sight, Chapter 13 The Neuro-Consumer and the Sense of Hearing, Chapter 14 The Neuro-Consumer and the Sense of Smell, Chapter 15 The Neuro-Consumer and the Sense of Touch, Chapter 16 The Neuro-Consumer and the Sense of Taste, Points to Remember, Part IV The Neuro-Consumer’s Brain Influenced by Innovation, Introduction, Chapter 17 The Influence of Innovation, Design and Packaging, Chapter 18 The Influence of the Price of Products and Services, Chapter 19 The Influence of Experiential and Sensory Marketing, Chapter 20 The Salesman Faced with the Neuro-Consumer, Points to Remember, Part V The Neuro-Consumer’s Brain Influenced by Communication, Introduction, Chapter 21 Advertising Language, Chapter 22 Subliminal Influences of Communication on the Brain and the Nudge of Concept, Chapter 23 Brand’s Subliminal Influence, Points to Remember, Part VI The Neuro-Consumer’s Brain Influences by the Digital Revolution, Introduction, Chapter 24 When the Digital Revolution Changes the Brain’s Perception, Chapter 25 The Brain and the Emergence of the Social Networks, Points to Remember, Conclusion, A Vision of the Future, Selected Bibliography, Index


    Anne-Sophie Bayle-Tourtoulou is an Associate Professor of Marketing at HEC Paris where she holds academic responsibilities at the graduate and executive levels. Her interests deal with marketing strategy, retail and e-tail marketing, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. She is the co-author of Neuromarketing in Action.

    Michel Badoc is an Emeritus Professor at HEC Paris. He gives courses on neuroscience, marketing and sensory marketing. He develops consultancy activities for companies in Europe and North America. He is the co-author of Neuromarketing in Action and many books on banking and insurance marketing.

    "This thought-provoking book should interest business students and their instructors. Summing Up: Recommended. All readers."

    --S. A. Schulman, CUNY Baruch College, CHOICE Review