1st Edition

The Neuroendocrine Immune Network

By S. Freier Copyright 1990

    This informative publication updates the study of interaction of the nervous and endocrine systems with the immune system in the body. It describes the anatomical basis of these interactions, reviewing the innervation of lymphoid tissue and mast cells. The book discusses the effect of the endocrine system on immune function, including the relation of sex to the immune response. Emphasis is given to opioids, substance P, neurotensin, vasoactive intestinal peptide, somatostatin and cholecystokinin. Also addressed is the immunoregulatory effect of leukotrienes and platelet-activating factors. Scrutinized within are stress as an aspect of neuro-immune interactions, and the central role of the hypothalamus in this context. The book reviews the eye and the gastrointestinal tract with respect to the coordination of the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems in serving these organs. This work is of particular value to those in immunology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, and developmental biology.

    1. The Role of the Neural Crest in the Development of the Immune System and Endocrine Glands 2. Peripheral Innervation of Lymphoid Tissue 3. The Innervation of Mast Cells 4. Reciprocal Interactions Between Mast Cells and the Endocrine System 5. Signaling Pathways of the Neurotransmitter-Immune Network 6. Neuroendocrine and Immune Function in the Capsaicin Treated Rat: Evidence for Afferent Neural Modulation In Vivo 7. Differential Sex-Associated Differences in Immune Responses to and Osteogenesis of Ectopically Transplanted Fetal Bone Allografts: Importance of H2 and Non-H2 Encoded Alloantigens 8. Augmentation of Natural Immunity by Conditioning and Possible Mechanisms of Enhancement 9. Hypothalmic-Immune Interactions: Modulation of Immune Function by Electrolytic and Chemical Lesions of the Central Nervous Systems 10. Immunoregulation of Leukotrienes and Platelet Activating Factor 11. Immunoregulatory Activity of Endogenous Opioids 12. Stress Neuropeptides, Immunity, and Neoplasia 13. Modulation of Phagocyte Activity by Substance P and Neurotensin 14. The Role of Substance P, Somatostatin and Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide in Modulation of Mucosal Immunity 15. Hormonal Influence on the Secretory Immune System of the Eye 16. The Neuroendocrine-Immune Network in the Gastrointestinal Tract


    S. Freier