1st Edition

The Neuropsychological Analysis of Problem Solving

By A.R. Luria, L.S. Tsvetkova Copyright 1990

    For any of us, problem solving is a daily event. For some, it is a major task. This historical book puts to use neuropsychological methods to analyze the process of problem solving. Experience shows that the process is psychologically so complicated that standard methods established in pedagogy and psychology are insufficient to precisely determine individual factors hindering effective problem solving.
    The authors present techniques for rehabilitation training which could compensate for the impairments observed in individual cases. Luria's work has transformed rehabilitation training, enabling the evaluation of rehabilitation principles and methods.
    Luria's thinking and conceptual style reflect his genius and rich understanding of brain-behavior relationships. As those who have read it agree, Luria demonstrates remarkable insight with his complex analysis and his qualitative analysis is "breathtaking."

    The Problem and Clinical Methodology
    Impairments of Problem Solving with Lesions of the Parietal-Occipital Brain Areas
    Disorders of Problem Solving in Cases of the Basal-Frontal Syndrome
    Impairments of Problem Solving with Posterior Frontal Syndrome
    Disorders of Problem Solving in the Development of the Massive Frontal Syndrome
    Impairments in Problem Solving with Atrophy of the Left Frontal Lobe
    Disorders of Problem Solving with Indistinct Frontal Lobe
    Disorders of Problem Solving with Secondary Frontal Syndrome
    Experiments in Rehabilitation Training: Problem Solving Strategies in Patients with the Frontal Syndrome
    Disorders in Problem Solving in Local Brain Lesions


    A.R. Luria, L.S. Tsvetkova

    "...a fascinating book...carefully edited...clearly, Luria was ahead of his time; in fact, he remains ahead of us now in many ways."
    -Perceptual and Motor Skills