1st Edition

The New Customer Experience Management Why and How the Companies of the Future Address Their Customers' Needs Proactively

By Ivaylo Yorgov Copyright 2023
    148 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    148 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    A comprehensive guide to a burgeoning field, this book shows how to design and implement a future-proof post-sales service program focused on proactively addressing customers’ needs in a personalized way. For too long, companies have detached from customers after the moment of purchase and done post-sales service in a way that is reactive, generic, and not scalable.

    Empowered by the boom in data availability and analytics, future-ready companies will offer their customers proactive personalized post-sales service and reap tangible benefits, including higher customer satisfaction and retention and less negative word of mouth – leading to increased sales and customer lifetime value. As the stories in this book demonstrate, companies like Amazon, Adobe, Garmin, and Liberty Global are leading the way, but companies do not have to be global giants to capitalize on the techniques presented in this guide. To excel at customer experience (CX) management, companies need to implement the best customer feedback and data collection and management practices, develop state-of-the-art analytical models, and have the willingness to act.

    This book’s strong vision and actionable roadmap, illustrated with real-life success stories, make this a compelling read for CX and customer analytics leaders, practitioners, and students alike.

    Introduction Section 1: The Foundations of Proactive Personalized Post-Sales Service (PPPS)  1. Value-Creation: A Framework for Marketing  2. The Power of Proactive Personalized Post-Sales Service  3. The Limitations of the Existing Post-Sales Service Initiatives  Section 2: A Roadmap for Proactive Personalized Post-Sales Service  4. Is Human Behavior Predictable?  5. Roadmap Step 1 – Kick-Off : Set Goals, Plan, and Get Buy-In 6. Roadmap Step 2 – Input: Collect Customer Feedback  7. Roadmap Step 3 – Input: Collect Customer Data  8. Roadmap Step 4 – Understanding: Analyze the Data  9. Roadmap Step 5 – Action: Initiatives for Customer Inspiration, Motivation, Education, and Adjustments on the Fly  10. Roadmap Step 6 – Scale-Up: Expand Your Initiatives to Your Full Customer Base  11. Challenges in Designing and Running Proactive Personalized Post-Sales Service Programs Recap Supplemental Material Index


    Ivaylo Yorgov is an award-winning customer experience and analytics leader with more than 15 years of experience. He is currently the Managing Director of GemSeek, a customer analytics company, helping his teams to support clients such as Philips, Liberty Global, Yara, Rockfon, Vodafone, Heidelberg Cement, and Signify.

    "If you are doubting your CX initiatives, then this is the book for you! It describes a well-researched and clearly thought out process to proactively support customers achieve their real goals, creating value and thereby genuine satisfaction. Read this book if you dare to be a radical agent of change!"
    Matthew Tod, Former leader of PWC Customer Consulting

    "At last, a step-by-step guide to delivering real-world revenue from long under-utilised customer experience data. When implemented well Yorgov’s approach is proven to noticeably raise customers’ experience, positively impact tenure and increase recommendations."
    Iain Bell, Former Director, Client Data Services at Afiniti, Director Customer Analytics at Liberty Global, and Head of Customer Intelligence at BSkyB

    "Ivaylo Yorgov's book offers fascinating insights into how to strengthen the bond between you and your customers. It's a 'must read' for managers and CX practitioners who want to ensure that customers remain loyal, even after the sale!"
    Michael Brandt, CCXP, Founding Member and Ambassador of the European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO), ex-Group Vice President  Customer Experience at ABB