1st Edition

The New Economy of Oil Impacts on Business, Geopolitics and Society.

    'The global oil industry is an exceptionally complex one, and its importance to governments, business and society as a whole is immense...The New Economy of Oil aims to set out the challenges and choices ahead, and it makes a fascinating read.' Business News 'John Mitchell, in this excellent book, is looking at the new elements which may influence, or indeed determine, the shape of the oil industry, the behaviour of the main actors, the forces of supply and demand, and the price path.' From the Foreword by Robert Mabro, Director, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies 'The New Economy of Oil is a superior, state-of-the-art tour of a conventional scenario about the near future of the world's oil and oil economy and polity.' Society and Natural Resources In a world where international accountability is increasingly important, the oil industry faces an unprecedented series of challenges. Mitchell's main theme is that the acceptability of oil is becoming more important than its availability. The implications are enormous, given the huge current dependence on oil of so much industry and government revenue. This book is of importance to all those involved with oil - from industry professionals to competitors, commentators, investors, managers, politicians and regulators.

    List of Figures, Tables and Boxes * Foreword * Acknowledgements and Disclaimers * About the Authors * Units and Conversions * Acronyms and Abbreviations * Overview * The Conventional Vision * Oil Supply * Transport in Transition * Gas for Oil Markets * Oil Prices: the Elastic Band * Energy Security * Acceptability: Stretching the limits * Challenges and Choices * Index


    John Mitchell is Chairman of the Energy and Environment Programme and Associate Research Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA). Koji Morita is a visiting Research Fellow at RIIA and fomer head of the Natural Gas Group, Institute of Energy Economics, Japan.