1st Edition

The New Evolutionary Paradigm Keynote Volume

Edited By Ervin Laszlo Copyright 1991
    234 Pages
    by Routledge

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1991, The New Evolutionary Paradigm provides an innovative and cross disciplinary look at evolution. While Darwin’s theory of evolution was originally restricted to the life sciences, in recent years the same principles have been applied successfully to historical, social and natural sciences. The papers included in The New Evolutionary Paradigm analyse the facts, observations, and accumulated data from the significance of a general evolution theory cannot be overemphasised; a new understanding of the cosmos and man’s relationship to it could lead to the systemization of the irreversible change that takes place in society and nature. This book will appeal to scientists, sociologists and those interested in transdisciplinary evolution theories.




    1 Complex Dynamical Systems Theory: Historical Origins, Contemporary Applications, Ralph H. Abraham

    2. Chaos and Transformation: Implications of Nonequilibrium Theory for Social Science and Society, David Loye

    3. Biological Evolution: The Changing Image, Gianluca Bocchi

    4. Evolution and Intelligence, Jonathan Schull

    5. Modelling Biological and Social Change: Dynamical Replicative Network Theory, Vilmos Csányi and György Kampis

    6. Social Evolution: A Nonequilibrium Systems Model, Robert Artigiani

    7. Economic and Social Evolution: The Transformation Dynamics Approach, Pentti Malaska

    8. The Evolutionary Paradigm and Neoclassical Economics, Mika Pantzar

    9. Cultural Evolution: Social Shifts and Phase Changes, Riane Eisler



    Ervin Lazio