1st Edition

The New GP Changing Roles and the Modern NHS

    This overview of the NHS Research and Development Programme is written by people who are at the leading edge of its implementation. It integrates the issues of research management and funding with the importance of focusing research on the needs of the customer (the NHS) and the challenges of implementing the findings of research into clinical practice. The experience of the authors extends from developing local research networks to managing a national research programme, reflecting the scope of the NHS strategy and the potential of this book.

    Part 1: Setting the Scene 1. So what is general practice 2. The world in which we live 3. Professional Regulations 4. Modernisation and New Labour Part 2: The features of modernisation 5. Triage and its application to NHS Direct and walk-in centres 6. Continuing professional development 7. Appraisal 8. Revalidation for clinical general practice 9. Clinical governance 10. Flexible working Part 3: The future 11. What patients expect from their doctor 12. A young doctor’s expectations 13. The new GP 14. Conclusion – the future and the new GP


    Jamie Harrison, Rob Innes, Tim Van Zwanenberg