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The New Hume Debate Revised Edition

Edited By Rupert Read, Kenneth Richman Copyright 2000
    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

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    For decades scholars thought they knew Hume's position on the existence of causes and objects � he was a sceptic. However, this received view has been thrown into question by the `new� readings of Hume as a sceptical realist. For philosophers, students of philosophy and others interested in theories of causation and their history, The New Hume Debate is the first book to fully document the most influential contemporary readings of Hume�s work. Throughout, the volume brings the debate beyond textual issues in Hume to contemporary philosophical issues concerning causation and knowledge of the external world and issues in the history of philosophy, offering the reader a model for scholarly debate. This revised paperback edition includes three new chapters by Janet Broughton, Peter Kail and Peter Millican.  Contributors: Kenneth A. Richman, Barry Stroud, Galen Strawson, Kenneth P. Winkler, John P. Wright, Simon Blackburn, Edward Craig, Martin Bell, Daniel Flage, Anne Jaap Jacobson, Rupert Read, Janet Broughton, Peter Millican, Peter Kail.

    Notes on contributors; Preface; Preface to the New Edition; Acknowledgements and permissions; Reference notes  1. Debating the New Hume Kenneth Richman  2. ‘Gilding or staining’ the world with ‘sentiments’ and ‘phantasms’ Barry Stroud  3. David Hume: Objects and power Galen Strawson  4. The New Hume Kenneth P. Winkler  5. Hume’s causal realism: recovering a traditional interpretation John P. Wright  6. Hume and thick connexions Simon Blackburn  7. Hume on causality: projectivist and realist? Edward Craig  8. Sceptical doubts concerning Hume’s causal realism Martin Bell  9. Relative ideas re-viewed Daniel Flage  10. From cognitive science to a post-Cartesian text; what did Hume really say? Anne Jaap Jacobson  11. The new antagonists of ‘the New Hume’: on the relevance of Goodman and Wittgenstein to the New Hume debate Rupert Read  12. "Our Aim in All Our Studies" Janet Broughton  13. Against the New Hume Peter Millican  14. How to understand Hume’s realism P.J.E. Kail; Bibliography; Citation index; Name index; Subject index


    Rupert Read, Kenneth Richman

    Reviews for the hardback:

    '[My] remarks only scratch the surface of this interesting debate and the valuable contributions that are included in this volume. The editors have done an excellent job of choosing and presenting the most important papers on this subject' - Paul Russell, Journal of the History of Philosophy

    'The New Hume Debate collects the latest version of the views of both those who got this argument going …and those who have found the New Hume hardest to swallow.' - Times Literary Supplement

    '…some excellent contributions that genuinely advance the debate.' - British Journal for the History of Philosophy

    ‘Rupert Read and Kenneth A. Richman have assembled some outstanding articles…focusing on the interpretation of Hume as a sceptical realist.’ - Studies on Eighteenth Century Scotland