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The New International Library of Group Analysis

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Drawing on the seminal ideas of British, European and American group analysts, psychoanalysts, social psychologists and social scientists, the books in this series focus on the study of small and large groups, organisations and other social systems, and on the study of the transpersonal and transgenerational sociality of human nature. NILGA books will be required reading for the members of professional organisations in the field of group analysis, psychoanalysis, and related social sciences. They will be indispensable for the "formation" of students of psychotherapy, whether they are mainly interested in clinical work with patients or in consultancy to teams and organisational clients within the private and public sectors.

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Developing Nuclear Ideas Relational Group Psychotherapy

Developing Nuclear Ideas: Relational Group Psychotherapy

1st Edition

Richard M. Billow
January 09, 2015

Building and expanding on concepts presented in his previous volumes (Relational Group Psychotherapy: From Basic Assumptions to Passion, and Resistance, Rebellion and Refusal in Groups: The 3Rs), Richard M. Billow presents a coherent and innovative model of group psychotherapy. Developing Nuclear ...

The Social Unconscious in Persons, Groups, and Societies Volume 2: Mainly Foundation Matrices

The Social Unconscious in Persons, Groups, and Societies: Volume 2: Mainly Foundation Matrices

1st Edition

Earl Hopper, Haim Weinberg
November 16, 2015

This book is concerned with the study of myths, which are an important element in the cultural dimension of the foundation matrices of all societies. It focuses on topics such as transmission, the foundation matrix, the social unconscious, totalitarianism, massification, and identity formation....

Contributions of Self Psychology to Group Psychotherapy Selected Papers

Contributions of Self Psychology to Group Psychotherapy: Selected Papers

1st Edition

Walter N. Stone
December 31, 2009

Stone's central interests include the development of the self, empathy, narcissism, shame, envy, rage and the group-self. He is concerned with several aspects of clinical technique and is especially sensitive to our co-creation of so-called "difficult patients". His understanding of dreams as both ...

Forensic Group Psychotherapy The Portman Clinic Approach

Forensic Group Psychotherapy: The Portman Clinic Approach

1st Edition

Andrew Williams, John Woods
February 14, 2014

This book is about the practice and underlying theory of psychodynamic group therapy as undertaken in the Portman Clinic. It offers an overview of various matters requiring sophisticated thinking in the structuring of forensic group psychotherapy....

From Psychoanalysis to Group Analysis The Pioneering Work of Trigant Burrow

From Psychoanalysis to Group Analysis: The Pioneering Work of Trigant Burrow

1st Edition

Edi Gatti Pertegato, Giorgio Orghe Pertegato
April 01, 2013

This volume gathers a selection of psychoanalytic and group analytic essays by Trigant Burrow (1875-1950), precursor of group analysis and co-founder of the American Psychoanalytic Association. They show the development of the relational orientation in psychoanalysis, and the origin and evolution ...

On Group Analysis and Beyond Group Analysis as Meta-Theory, Clinical Social Practice, and Art

On Group Analysis and Beyond: Group Analysis as Meta-Theory, Clinical Social Practice, and Art

1st Edition

Anastassios Koukis
July 11, 2016

By extending the views of Foulkes, Bion, Freud, and Klein, this book draws the outline of a group analytic theory and meta-theory by studying the paternal and maternal functions as expressed by the conductor and the group analytic group respectively and extrapolating them to the psychoanalytic ...

Small, Large and Median Groups The Work of Patrick de Mare

Small, Large and Median Groups: The Work of Patrick de Mare

1st Edition

Rachel Lenn, Karen Stefano
January 31, 2012

'This book is a remarkable tribute to the memory of Pat de Mare. You will find in these pages a selection of his work that represents his new and different understanding of groups, both large and small, that has not only had a significant impact on the practice of group therapy in his lifetime, but...

Fairy Tales and the Social Unconscious The Hidden Language

Fairy Tales and the Social Unconscious: The Hidden Language

1st Edition

Ravit Raufman, Haim Weinberg
August 02, 2017

The book combines two main perspectives: the study of the social unconscious and the study of fairy tales. Examining different versions of fairy tales told by different ethnic communities teaches us about the relations between universal and local/cultural aspects of the social unconscious. ...

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