1st Edition

The New Navy, 1883-1922

By Paul Silverstone Copyright 2006
    290 Pages
    by Routledge

    290 Pages
    by Routledge

    The third volume of The U.S. Navy Warship Series covers the fifty-year period from 1883-1922. In 1883, Congress authorized the first ships of the "New Navy" and ordered removal of all obsolete ships. All US Navy ships since that time have stemmed from these first three cruisers. The numbering system in effect since 1920 was effectively begun in 1886.

    The ships built during the next few years fought in the Spanish-American War. The success and popularity of the naval victories of that war together with the acquisition of overseas territories were the impetus for a large naval shipbuilding program. The voyage around the world of the "Great White Fleet" was a prime example of the excitement felt by the American people about the Navy. This led naturally into the fleet of World War I and its vast expansion, terminating with its demobilization after the war and the succeeding naval disarmament treaty of 1992.

    This book will be arranged following the standard format with sections on Capital Ships, Cruisers, Destroyers, Submarines, Mines Vessels, Patrol Vessels, Tenders, Supply & Transport Ships, Naval Overseas Transportation Service (NOTS), and other government departments (Coast Guard, etc.).

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    Introduction  Explanation of Data  List of Abbreviations  Authorization Acts  US Navy Standard Nomenclature 1920  Naval Ordnance 1883-1922, by William E. Jurens  Chronology 1883-1922  Disposition of Fleets, 1898, 1914, 1918  Ships on the Navy List 1883  1. Battleships  2. Battle Cruisers  3. Monitors  4. Aircraft Carrier  5. Armored Cruisers  6. Protected Cruisers  7. Auxiliary Cruisers  8. Torpedo Boats  9. Destroyers  10. Submarines  11. Gunboats  12. Armed Yachts  13. Motor Patrol (SP)  14. Eagle Boats  15. Submarine Chasers  16. Minelayers  17. Minesweepers  18. Submarine Tenders  19. Destroyer Tenders  20. Repair Ships  21. Colliers  22. Supply Ships  23. Tankers  24. Transports  25. Hospital Ships  26. Miscellaneous Auxiliaries  27. Naval Overseas Transport Service  28. Tugs  29. US Revenue Cutter Service  30. US Lighthouse Service  31. US Coast & Geodetic Survey  32. US Army  Appendices  l. Hawaii  2. SP Numerical List  3. List of Ship Builders  4. Bibliography  Index


    Paul Silverstone is an internationally recognized naval authority known for his many books and articles on warships. He is author of US Warships of WWII and editor of the naval notes column of Warship International, the quarterly journal of the international Naval Research Organization.