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The New Rich in Asia

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Who are the new rich in Asia? This new series from the Asia Research Centre at Murdoch University brings together experts from the region and beyond to examine questions of political and social development by analysing the phenomenon of the rising middle-class in East and Southeast Asia.

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Gender and Power in Affluent Asia

Gender and Power in Affluent Asia

1st Edition

Edited By Krishna Sen, Maila Stivens
May 29, 1998

Gender and Power in Affluent Asia is the first major study to analyse the relatioships between gender and power that have accompanied the rise of Asian affluence....

Consumption in Asia Lifestyle and Identities

Consumption in Asia: Lifestyle and Identities

1st Edition

Edited By Beng-Huat Chua
August 21, 2000

The essays in this collection challenge conventional ideas about consumption and consumerism: they consider if the inundation of Western consumer goods have created identity confusions among the affluent in Asia, and if the expansion of consumer culture really does threaten the stability of ...

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