1st Edition

The New S Language

By R. Becker Copyright 1988
    720 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

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    This book provides documentation for a new version of the S system released in 1988. The new S enhances the features that have made S popular: interactive computing, flexible graphics, data management and a large collection of functions. The new S features make possible new applications and higher-level programming, including a single unified language, user defined functions as first-class objects, symbolic computations, more accurate numerical calculations and a new approach to graphics. S now provides direct interfaces to the poowerful tool of the UNIX operating system and to algorithms implemented in Fortran and C.

    1. How to Beat the Lottery 2. Tutorial Introduction to S 3. Using the S Language 4. Graphical Methods in S 5. Data in S 6. Writing Functions 7. More on Writing Functions 8. More about Data 9. Examples and Case Studies 10. Advanced Graphics 11. How S Works


    Becker, R.