1st Edition

The New Web Typography Create a Visual Hierarchy with Responsive Web Design

By Stephen Boss, Jason Cranford Teague Copyright 2016
    256 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    252 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    With a vast selection of typefaces now available, there is no excuse for using boring typography in web design. The New Web Typography: Create a Visual Hierarchy with Responsive Web Design shows you how to implement web-safe fonts to create visually appealing and multi-browser-friendly websites while encouraging you to develop designs that express your own unique typographic voice.

    This book discusses general principles for choosing typefaces for on-screen display and tips for creating a visual hierarchy that works on monitors, tablets, and smartphones. It shares some of the authors’ personal experiences to illustrate situations where one font would be more effective than another in giving readers an optimized experience that includes quick download times and an overall aesthetically pleasing presentation.

    Since good typography is good web design, font selection is a critical aspect of web design. The New Web Typography is more than a simple overview of web typography. It provides practical advice and examples that help you make good decisions in choosing fonts for web design.


    Key Features

    • Demonstrates how to implement responsive web typography, with up-to-date HTML5 and CSS3 code
    • Uses case studies and examples to enhance instruction
    • Provides practical tips on special techniques for implementing webfonts and searching and using webfont libraries
    • Encourages you to develop a unique typographic voice

    Choosing the Right Typeface
    Building a Fluid Font Stack

    Type Basics
    What Is a Glyph
    What Is a Font
    Understanding Type on the Web

    Find Fonts
    Solutions for Fonts on the Web
    Adding Fonts to the Font Stack
    Web Safe Fonts
    Installing Webfonts on Your Computer
    The End User License Agreements and You
    Webfont Service Bureaus

    Types of Type
    What Your Font Has to Have
    What to Look For
    Combining Type
    Choosing Type Checklist

    Constancy in Styles
    Style Weight
    Styling Italic and Oblique
    Styling Color
    Type Effects
    Styling Text with Borders and Backgrounds

    Understand Relative and Absolute Unit Types
    Type Size and Line Height
    Type Space
    Text Alignment

    Type Space 1

    When to Use Icons
    Choosing Icons
    Responsive Icons
    Using Webfont Icons
    Styling Webfont Icons

    Do Not Design by Default
    From Box to Grid
    Body Copy
    Navigation and Controls
    Guiding the Reader’s Eye
    Balancing Readability and Retention
    Contrasting Type
    Typography at Hand



    Jason Cranford Teague designed the first web based magazine, Computer Mediated Communications, in 1994 and has been at the forefront of digital innovation ever since. He is the co-founder and lead creative at The Cranford Teague Group, which specializes in digital communication strategies. Learn more at www.cranfordteague.com. Stephen Boss has consulted on type projects for Fairchild, JP Morgan Chase, Bumble and bumble, and Oshkosh. His work has been featured around the world, including in several publications and as part of the Seybold's New Type Gallery exhibition, a show which travelled from New York City to England, the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, and finally to Harvard, where it is archived. He is also in the designer database in the Klingspor Museum in Offenbach, Germany. Interested in developing typefaces with a unique vernacular, he founded Emboss Fonts in 1995.