1st Edition

The New Yearbook for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy Volume 21, Special Issue, 2023: Aesthetics, Art, Heidegger, French Philosophy

Edited By Burt C. Hopkins, Daniele De Santis Copyright 2024

    Volume XXI

    Special Issue, 2023

    Part 1: Phenomenological Perspectives on Aesthetics and Art

    Part 2: Heidegger and Contemporary French Philosophy

    Aim and Scope: The New Yearbook for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy provides an annual international forum for phenomenological research in the spirit of Husserl’s groundbreaking work and the extension of this work by such figures as Reinach, Scheler, Stein, Heidegger, Sartre, Levinas, Merleau-Ponty and Gadamer.

    Contributors: Liliana Albertazzi, Dimitris Apostolopoulos, Gabriele Baratelli, Anna Irene Baka, Irene Breuer, John Brough, Peer Bundgaard, Justin Clemens, Richard Colledge, Bryan Cooke, Françoise Dastur, Ivo De Gennaro, Natalie Depraz, Helena De Preester, Daniele De Santis, Madalina Diaconu, Arto Haapala, Robyn Horner, Erik Kuravsky, Donald Landes, Elisa Magri, Michelle Maiese, Regina-Nino Mion, Brian O’Connor, Costas Pagondiotis, Knox Peden, Constantinos Picolas, Hans Reiner Sepp, Jack Reynolds, Jon Roffe, Claude Romano, Maxine Sheets-Johnstone, Michela Summa, Panos Theodorou, Fotini Vassiliou, and Sanem Yazicioglu.

    Submissions: Manuscripts, prepared for blind review, should be submitted to the Editors ([email protected] and [email protected]) electronically via e-mail attachments.

    Part 1: Phenomenological Perspectives on Aesthetics and Art (ed. Fotini Vassiliou)

    1. Editor’s Introduction Fotini Vassiliou

    2. Aesthetic Normativity and Deviation. A Reading of Hume’s Standard of Taste Michela Summa

    3. On the Scientific Value of Experimental Aesthetics Liliana Albertazzi

    4. "Und Dennoch"–"And Yet." The Role of Examples in Phenomenological Aesthetics Arto Haapala

    5. Surprise in Art: The Art of Release Natalie Depraz

    6. Atmospheres of Boredom in Martin Heidegger and David Foster Wallace Elisa Magri

    7. Visual Art and the Reconstruction of the Artist’s Gesture: Phenomenological Arguments for an Alternative Mirror Theory Helena De Preester

    8. Schizophrenia, Music Therapy, and Getting into "Groove" Michelle Maiese

    9. Habit and Creativity: Foundations for a Phenomenology of Artistic Style in Ravaisson, Bergson, Merleau-Ponty, and Deleuze Donald Landes

    10. Aesthetic Perception as Vision for Appearance–On Husserl’s Theory of Depiction Peer Bundgaard

    11. Seeing-In and Seeing-Out: Husserl’s Theory of Depiction Revisited Regina-Nino Mion

    12. Perceptual Constitution in Husserl’s Phenomenology: The Primacy of Tactual Intentionality Madalina Diaconu

    13. Time and Photograph John Brough

    14. Exploring the Aesthetic Uniqueness of the Art of Dance Maxine Sheets-Johnstone

    15. Ethics of Musical Time (Celibidache, Husserl) Ivo de Gennaro

    16. What is Moving in the Movie Hans Rainer Sepp

    17. Topographies of Memory. Husserl’s "Ever-New Present" and Recollection in Urban Art Sanem Yazıcıoğlu

    Part 2: Heidegger and Contemporary French Philosophy (eds. Richard J. Colledge, Claude Romano)

    18. Editors’ Introduction Richard J. Colledge and Claude Romano

    19. Phenomenology and Difference Françoise Dastur

    20. Heidegger and Ricoeur on Ipseity Claude Romano

    21. Badiou contra Lacan contra Heidegger: Truth, Being, Subject, Polemos Justin Clemens

    22. From Mitsein to Volk: Jean-Luc Nancy and the Geschichtlichkeit Question in Heidegger Richard J. Colledge

    23. Another Night of the World: Affect and Eternity, Being and Time in Heidegger and Henry Bryan Cooke

    24. Is Anxiety Fundamental? Lacoste’s Reading of Heidegger Robyn Horner

    25. Starting from Heidegger, Arriving at Augustine: Selfhood and Christianity in Michel Foucault’s Late Work Knox Peden

    26. Captivated by Life: The Life Sciences in the Heretical Tradition of Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty and Ruyer Jack Reynolds and Jon Roffe

    Part 3: Celebrating Husserl’s Jahrbuch One-Hundred Years Later

    27. Three Caesars: Jean Hering and Edith Stein on the core of the essence, individuality, and the a priori (and early phenomenology) (With a Coda on Ernst Kantorowicz) Daniele De Santis

    28. Continuity and infinity: Koyré’s Bemerkungen zu den Zenonischen Paradoxen against the Background of Aristotle’s Critical Reflections. Koyré’s Contribution to a Phenomenological Hermeneutics Irene Breuer

    Part 4: Varia

    29. Desiderativity and Temporality. Contribution to the Naturalization of Intentionality Panos Theodorou, Costas Pagondiotis, Anna-Eirini Baka, and Constantinos Picolas

    30. Thinking and the danger of insanity: two ways of reaching into the abyss Erik Kuravsky

    31. Dufrenne, Kant, and the Aesthetic Attitude Dimitris Apostolopoulos

    Part 5: In Review

    32. Review of J. Kates, A New Philosophy of Discourse: Language Unbound (Bloomsbury Academic 2021) Brian O’Connor

    33. Review of M. Hartimo, Husserl and Mathematics (Cambridge University Press 2021) Gabriele Baratelli.



    Burt C. Hopkins is an associate member of Université de Lille, UMR-CNRS 8163 STL, France, and a visiting researcher at the Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences (2019–2020).

    Daniele De Santis is assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies (ÚFaR) of Charles University, CZ.