1st Edition

The Nonprofit Human Resource Management Handbook From Theory to Practice

Edited By Jessica Word, Jessica Sowa Copyright 2017
    404 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    As an increasing number of individuals go to work in the nonprofit sector, nonprofit managers need support on how best to build their human resource management capacity. They need to know what systems to examine, what questions to ask, and how to ensure they are managing people in a legal manner and as effectively as possible given their particular resource constraints. Important questions include: Do we have a clear philosophy, one that aligns with our nonprofit mission and values and allows us to treat our employees as the professionals they are? How do we select, develop, and retain the best people who will produce high value, high performance work, and how do we do so with limited resources? How do we effectively manage our mix of volunteers and paid staff? What do we need to consider to ensure diverse people work together in a harmonious fashion? With all-new chapters written by the top scholars in the field of nonprofit HRM, these are but a few of the many questions that are addressed in this timely volume. 

    These scholars delve into their particular areas of expertise, offering a comprehensive look at theories and trends; legal and ethical issues; how to build HRM from recruitment, management, labor relations, to training and appraisal; as well as topics in diversity, technology, and paid versus volunteer workforce management. This essential handbook offers all core topic coverage as well as countless insider insights, additional resource lists, and tool sets for practical application. With chapters grounded in existing research, but also connecting research to practice for those in the field, The Nonprofit Human Resource Management Handbook will be required reading for a generation of scholars, students, and practitioners of nonprofit human resource management. 

    Chapter One: Introduction

    Jessica E. Sowa and Jessica K. A. Word

    Part 1: Working in the Sector

    Chapter Two: Theories of the Nonprofit Sector

    Beth Gazely

    Chapter Three: Trends in Nonprofit Employment

    John C. Ronquillo, Annie Miller, and Ida Drury

    Chapter Four: Legal Aspect of Nonprofit Nonprofit Employment

    Eric Franklin Amarante

    Part 2: Building a HRM Infrastructure in a Nonprofit Organization

    Chapter Five: Strategic Human Resource Management

    Hans-Gerd Ridder and Alina McCandless Baluch

    Chapter Six: Recruitment and Selection for Nonprofit Organizations

    Rikki Abzug

    Chapter Seven: Succession Planning and Management in Nonprofit Organizations

    Yeonsoo Kim

    Chapter Eight: Talent Management

    Heather L. Carpenter

    Chapter Nine: Compensation Practices in Nonprofit Organizations: Examining Practices Adopted by High Performing Nonprofits

    Sally Coleman Selden

    Chapter Ten: Labor Relations in Nonprofit Organizations

    Joan E. Pynes

    Chapter Eleven: Engagement, Satisfaction, and Nonprofit Organizations

    Kunle Akingbola

    Chapter Twelve: Volunteer Management: It all Depends

    Jeffrey L. Brudney and Hayley K. Sink

    Chapter Thirteen: Training and Development in Nonprofit Organizations

    Toby Eagan

    Chapter Fourteen: Making Nonprofits More Effective: Performance Management and Performance Appraisals

    Marlene Walk and Troy Kennedy

    Part 3: Emergent Challenges in Nonprofit Human Resource Management

    Chapter Fifteen: Interchangeability of Labor: Managing a Mixed Paid and Volunteer Workforce

    Allison R. Russell, Laurie Mook, and Femida Handy

    Chapter Sixteen: Managing Human Resources in International NGOs

    Carrie R. Oelberger, Anne-Meike Fechter, and Ishbel McWha-Hermann

    Chapter Seventeen: Managing Generational Differences in Nonprofit Organizations

    Jasmine McGinnis Johnson, Jaclyn Schede Piatak, and Eddy Ng

    Chapter Eighteen: Diversity and Diversity Management in Nonprofit Organizations

    Judith Y. Weisinger

    Chapter Nineteen: Technology and Human Resource Management in Nonprofit Organizations

    Jennifer A. Jones

    Chapter Twenty: Conclusion: Toward a Renewed Research Agenda for Nonprofit Human Resource Management

    Jessica K. A. Word and Jessica E. Sowa


    Jessica K. A. Word is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Policy and Leadership at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA. She currently serves as Director of the Nonprofit, Community, and Leadership Initiative and Graduate Coordinator for the School. She received her doctorate from the Rueben Askew School of Public Administration and Policy at Florida State University in 2006. Her research focuses on capacity building in the public and nonprofit sector. Her work has been published in Public Administration Review, Review of Public Personnel Administration, Public Personnel Management, the Journal for Nonprofit Management, Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion, and The Innovation Journal. She currently serves as the book review editor for the International Journal of Public Administration. She has worked with notable national nonprofits such as the Girl Scouts of the USA, Volunteers of America, and Opportunity Knocks on issues related to employee engagement and burnout.

    Jessica E. Sowa is an Associate Professor in the School of Public and International Affairs in the College of Public Affairs at the University of Baltimore, USA. She currently serves as Director of the M.S. in Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship program. Her research focuses on public and nonprofit management, with an emphasis on organizational effectiveness, leadership, and the management of human resources in public and nonprofit organizations. Dr. Sowa’s work has been published in Public Administration Review, Administration and Society, Public Personnel Administration, American Review of Public Administration, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, and the Review of Public Personnel Administration. Her current research on high performance work systems in nonprofit human service organizations was funded by a grant from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation. She serves on the editorial board of a number of journals in public administration and human resource management.

    "If I were to make a list of scholars who we should hire to assemble current thinking on human resource management in the nonprofit sector, Sowa and Word would be at the top of my list. They have organized an impressive panoply of nonprofit sector scholars who represent our best current thinking on strategic human resource management." – Mark Hager, Arizona State University, USA

    "Comprehensive in scope, Sowa and Word cover critical topics ranging from how to attract the best and brightest employees and volunteers into the sector, to managing and cultivating diversity, to applications of technology in human resource management, and everything in between. This book serves as a valuable resource that I look forward to sharing with my students undertaking careers in the nonprofit sector." – Kelly LaRoux, The University of Chicago at Illinois, USA

    "The Nonprofit Human Resource Management Handbook is an excellent confluence of the state-of-art research on human resources in nonprofit organizations and the practical matters confronting nonprofit managers seeking to effectively deploy their human capital. Sowa and Word and their outstanding colleagues have compiled an accessible, yet rigorous, resource that benefits both scholars and practitioners by highlighting critical issues that nonprofit organizations must successfully navigate to recruit and retain talented workers in the current environment. This will certainly be a much-used textbook in nonprofit management courses. I wish I would have had this book when I was a student!" – Rebecca Nesbit, University of Georgia, USA