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The Nordic Experience: The Nordic Experience

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(For the back flap): THE NORDIC EXPERIENCE Series Editor: Jonas Harvard, Södertörn University, Stockholm. What makes a region unique? Be it Vikings or the welfare state, gender equality or flat-pack furniture, for a long time the Nordic region has had a distinctive profile, visible to inhabitants and outsiders alike. As political alliances and cultural connections between nations and continents continuously change, so do the meanings of labels such as ’the North’, ’the Nordic region’ or Norden. Books in 'The Nordic Experience' series study the Nordic region as a geopolitical concept connected to a distinguishable set of ideas, practices and experiences. In-depth and comparative analyses of history, politics, culture, science and media, explore both the struggle between conflicting interests and the search for common characteristics. The result is a series of refreshing insights into how a region can become something beyond physical place - a notion distributed in space.

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Models of Democracy in Nordic and Baltic Europe Political Institutions and Discourse

Models of Democracy in Nordic and Baltic Europe: Political Institutions and Discourse

1st Edition

Edited By Nicholas Aylott
January 06, 2017

This book explores the ways in which representative democracy works in two neighbouring collections of European states: the Nordic (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) and the Baltic (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). Starting from a Nordic vantage point, contributors explore the extent to ...

Nordic Dance Spaces Practicing and Imagining a Region

Nordic Dance Spaces: Practicing and Imagining a Region

1st Edition

Edited By Karen Vedel, Petri Hoppu
November 17, 2016

Dance has been connected to the practices and ideologies that have shaped notions of a Nordic region for more than a century and it is ingrained into the culture and society of the region. This book investigates different dance phenomena that have either engaged with or dismantled notions of ...

Performing Nordic Heritage Everyday Practices and Institutional Culture

Performing Nordic Heritage: Everyday Practices and Institutional Culture

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Aronsson, Lizette Gradén
November 10, 2016

The performance of heritage takes place in prestigious institutions such as museums and archives, in officially sanctioned spaces such as jubilees and public monuments, but also in more mundane, ephemeral and banal cultural practices, such as naming of phenomena, viewing exhibitions or walking in ...

Communicating the North Media Structures and Images in the Making of the Nordic Region

Communicating the North: Media Structures and Images in the Making of the Nordic Region

1st Edition

By Peter Stadius, Jonas Harvard
October 31, 2016

What makes a magazine in South Africa promote Scandinavian unity among its immigrant readers and why does a Swedish king endorse attempts to influence pan-Scandinavian opinion through a transnational media event in Sweden, Norway and Denmark? Can portraits of exotic Lapplanders in the British press...

Science, Geopolitics and Culture in the Polar Region Norden Beyond Borders

Science, Geopolitics and Culture in the Polar Region: Norden Beyond Borders

1st Edition

By Sverker Sörlin
August 29, 2013

Throughout the twentieth century, glaciologists and geophysicists from Denmark, Norway and Sweden made important scientific contributions across the Arctic and Antarctic. This research was of acute security and policy interest during the Cold War, as knowledge of the polar regions assumed military ...

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