1st Edition

The Nordic Model of Digital Archiving

Edited By Greg Bak, Marianne Rostgaard Copyright 2024
    328 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Nordic Model of Digital Archiving explores the roots and strengths of Nordic digital archiving and proposes new directions to guide digital archivists in addressing the challenges posed by ever-changing digital technologies and the datafication of information and records.

    Digitization and born-digital records promise efficient and cost-effective solutions to everything from preservation of data to easy user access. However, digitization also poses challenges for archival practitioners worldwide. Bringing together contributions from practitioners and academics to offer a range of international case studies, this book offers practical solutions for archivists in terms of governance, technologies and processes. It highlights and analyses the cornerstones of the Nordic model of archiving: reliance on standards; powerful regulatory instruments - especially in public sector archiving, including legislation; and collaboration between archivists and government agencies, and among different tiers of central and local government. While showcasing work in the Nordic region for the benefit of archivists and record keepers globally, this volume also challenges the limits of the Nordic model with insights drawn from international archival theory.

    The Nordic Model of Digital Archiving offers a new perspective on archiving that will be of interest to academics, researchers and postgraduate students of archiving, digital archives and records management.

    Preface by Christian Larsen

    Chapter 1: The Nordic Model of Digital Archiving: An Introduction
    Marianne Rostgaard and Greg Bak


    Chapter 2: Archival paradigms: The past, present and digitized future of Danish archiving
    Marianne Rostgaard

    Chapter 3: The Politics of Archival Appraisal in Sweden in the Digital Age
    Samuel Edquist

    Chapter 4: A Continuum of Recordkeeping? The possibilities and challenges of Born Digital Public Records in Denmark and Sweden
    Ann-Sofie Klareld and Marianne Paasch

    Chapter 5: A bold attempt to kill off the registry in Nordic public administration: A review of proposed archival legislation in Sweden and Norway
    Herbjørn Andresen


    Chapter 6: Continuities and Innovations: Comparing Danish and Canadian Digital Archiving
    Greg Bak

    Chapter 7: "One system to rule them all”: The limited success of Information Control Systems in Finland
    Pekka Henttonen

    Chapter 8: From national to international standards in Norway: From documents to data?
    Martin Ellingsrud

    Chapter 9: Transforming archival records into historical big data: visualizing human and computer-processes in the Link-Lives project
    Olivia Robinson, Asbjørn Romvig Thomsen, Nicolai Rask Mathiesen and Barbara Revuelta-Eugercios


    Chapter 10: “That’s Us with the Originals” - Authenticity and Interactivity in Danish Digital Archiving
    Asbjørn Skødt, Digital Preservation Officer, Danish National Archives

    Chapter 11: Untangling Nordic Web Archives
    Caroline Nyvang and Eld Zierau

    Chapter 12: Collecting Social Digital Photography: Nordic Archives and Museums Learn Through Participatory Collection Strategies
    Bente Jensen

    Chapter 13: Private audiovisual media archives in Greenland: A case study of TV-Aasiaat’s audiovisual archives from the 1990s
    Aviaq Fleischer


    Chapter 14: On Archives and User Participation in The Nordic Countries
    Isto Huvila

    Chapter 15: Archival associations in Sweden
    Lars-Erik Hansen and Anneli Sundqvist

    Chapter 16: Archival education in a Nordic context
    Anneli Sundqvist

    Chapter 17: Digital Iceland: Why Records Professionals need to be Part of Digitisation
    Ragna Kemp Haraldsdóttir

    Chapter 18: The Nordic model: some reflections on its strengths and omissions
    Elizabeth Shepherd


    Greg Bak is an Associate Professor of Archival Studies in the Department of History at the University of Manitoba, Canada, where his research and teaching focus on digital archives, archival decolonization and the histories of digital cultures.

    Marianne Rostgaard is an Associate Professor of History at Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark. She headed the research network Digitization and the Future of Archives funded by the Independent Research Fund, Denmark (IRFD) and is currently researching use and reuse of digital public sector records.