1st Edition

The Novellino or One Hundred Ancient Tales An Edition and Translation based on the 1525 Gualteruzzi editio princeps

Edited By Joseph P. Consoli Copyright 1997
    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    502 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1997. Considered one of the first prose works in Italian and a precursor of the Decameron,this is the first complete translation of the Novellino into English, based on the 1525 editio princeps. While manuscripts vary as to wording and the number of tales, the 1525 first edition follows seven of the eight known manuscripts closely. The text includes a transcription of the 1525 edition, taken from the copy in the Parma Biblioteca Palatina. This transcription has been altered as little as possible, diacriticals are added and capitalization is systematized, but no attempt has been made to modernize the language. Vocabulary notes are provided, as are ample notes to explain the historical and cultural significance of figures and events in the tales. There is one bibliography for the Novellino and another for the explanatory notes.

    Chapter 1; The Novellino or One Hundred Ancient Tales; NOTES TO THE TEXT AND TRANSLATION; BIBLIOGRAPHY TO THE NOTES Index of Important People, Places and Things in the Translation;


    Joseph P. Consoli

    "The book is beautifully bound...All undergraduate collections." -- Choice
    "The translations faithfully convey both the flavor and the conciseness of the original stories. By making this neglected and entertaining work accessible beyond the realm of specialists, Consoli has provided an invaluable service to both scholars and students." -- Sixteenth Century Journal