1st Edition

The Object Reader

Edited By Fiona Candlin, Raiford Guins Copyright 2009
    576 Pages
    by Routledge

    576 Pages
    by Routledge

    This unique collection frames the classic debates on objects and aims to generate new ones by reshaping the ways in which the object can be taught and studied, from a wide variety of disciplines and fields.

    The Object Reader elucidates objects in many of their diverse roles, dynamics and capacities. Precisely because the dedicated study of objects does not reside neatly within a single discipline, this collection is comprised of numerous academic fields. The selected writings are drawn from from anthropology, art history, classical studies, critical theory, cultural studies, digital media, design history, disability studies, feminism, film and television studies, history, philosophy, psychoanalysis, social studies of science and technology, religious studies and visual culture.

    The collection, composed of twentieth and twenty-first century writing also seeks to make its own contribution through original work, in the form of twenty-five short 'object lessons' commissioned specifically for this project. These new and innovative studies from key writers across a range of disciplines will enable students to look upon their surroundings with trained eyes to search out their own 'object studies'.

    Nicolas Mirzoeff. Foreword  Fiona Candlin and Raiford Guins. ‘Introducing Objects’  I. Object  Marcel Mauss. ‘Gifts and the Obligation to Return Gifts’  Georg Lukács. ‘The Phenomenon of Reification’, in History and Class Consciousness, Rodney Livingston  Roland Barthes. ‘Toys’  Jean Baudrillard. ‘Subjective Discourse or The Non-Functional System of Objects’  D.W. Winnicott. ‘Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomena’  Tim Ingold. ‘On Weaving a basket’  Page Dubois. ‘Dildos’  II. Thing   Martin Heidegger. ‘The Thing’  Elizabeth Grosz. ‘The Thing’  Bill Brown. ‘Thing Theory’  Bruno Latour. ‘From Realpolitik to Dingpolitik or How to Make Things Public’  Julian Bleecker. ‘Why Things Matter: A Manifesto for Networked Objects – Cohabiting with Pigeons, Arphids, Aibos in the Internet of Things.’  III. Objects and Agency  Peter Brown. ‘Praesentia’  Michael Taussig. ‘In some way or another one can protect oneself from the spirits by portraying them’  Alfred Gell. ‘The Technology of Enchantment and the Enchantment of Technology’  Bruno Latour. ‘Where Are the Missing Masses? The Sociology of a Few Mundane Artifacts’  IV. Object Experience  Walter Benjamin. ‘Unpacking My Library: A Talk about Book Collecting’  Wiebe E. Bijker. ‘King of the Road: The Social Construction of the Safety Bicycle’  Vivian Sobchack. ‘A Leg to Stand On: Prosthetics, Metaphor, and Materiality’  Sherry Turkle. ‘Objects Inspire’  V. The Objecthood of Images  Michael Fried. ‘Art and Objecthood’  Siegfried Kracauer. ‘Calico-World: The UFA City in Neubabelsberg’  Elizabeth Edwards. ‘Photographs as Objects of Memory’  Maurice M. Manring. ‘Aunt Jemima Explained: The Old South, the Absent Mistress and the Slave in a Box’  VI. Leftovers  Barbara Penner. ‘A World of Unmentionable Suffering: Women’s Public Conveniences in Victorian London’  Celeste Olalquiaga. ‘Holy Kitschen: Collecting Religious Junk from the Street’  Julian Stallabrass. ‘Trash’  Christina Lindsay. ‘From the Shadows: Users as Designers, Producers, Marketers, Distributors, and Technical Support’  VII. Object Lessons  Anne Friedberg. AIBO  Anna Beatrice Scott. Bouncing in the Streets: a performance remix  Ruud Kalingfreks. Broken Mug  Michelle Henning. The Cosmic Symbol  Tara McPherson. The Eames Chair  Susan Pearce. A Flake of Paint  Henry Lowood. Game Counter  Jill Cook. The Grays Inn Lane Handaxe  Curtis Marez. The Homies, or The Last Angel of History in Silicon Valley  Guy Julier. Inside and outside the iPod  Penny Sparke. The LC4 Chaise Longue by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand, 1928  Griselda Pollock. Maternal Object: Matrixial Subject  Raiford Guins. Mermaid’s Tears  Victor Margolin. The Museum of Corntemporary Art  Adrian Rifkin. No thing to regret...  Alexander R. Galloway. Pixel  Laura U. Marks. My Rock  Carolyn Thomas de la Peña. Saccharin Sparrow (circa 1955)  Georgina Kleege. My Secret Weapon  Laurie Beth Clarke. Shin’s Tricycle  Esther Leslie. Snow Shaker  Peter Lunenfeld. Ten Foot, Four  Heidi Cooley. Thumbnail  Erica Rand. What Lube Goes Into  Fiona Candlin. Yesterday, Upon The Stair  VIII. An Object Bibliography


    Fiona Candlin is Lecturer in Museum Studies and Lifelong Education.  Her lectureship in Museum Studies is jointly held by Birkbeck College and The British Museum. Dr. Candlin’s initial brief was to develop research and teaching related to the museums’ collections and she now runs the World Arts and Artefacts diploma.

    Raiford Guins is Assistant Professor of Digital Cultural Studies at the Department of Comparative Literary & Cultural Studies and Consortium for Digital Arts, Culture & Technology, State University of New York, Stony Brook.