1st Edition

The Occult Sourcebook

By Nevill Drury, Gregory Tillett Copyright 1978
    248 Pages
    by Routledge

    248 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1978, The Occult Sourcebook has been compiled primarily for the many people who are for the first time becoming engrossed by the numerous and often confusing possibilities underlying the occult sciences. It consists of a series of articles on key areas, providing the reader with easy access to basic facts, together with a carefully planned guide to further reading. Critical comments on the recommended books allow the reader to select those which best suit their interests. The authors have also included a ‘Who’s Who of the occult’ to provide short biographies of some of the more amazing figures who have already travelled down the mystic path. The book offers a programmed system of exploration into the realms of the unknown. It will be invaluable to the increasing number of people who are concerned with the exploration of enlarging human consciousness.


    Part I: Source Areas

    1. ESP

    2. Meditation and Biofeedback

    3. Dreams

    4. Reincarnation

    5. The Origins of Magic

    6. Supernatural and Occult Beings

    7. Ritual Magic

    8. Ritual Consciousness

    9. Magical Equipment

    10. The Golden Dawn

    11. Magical Cosmology

    12. The Qabalah

    13. The Tarot

    14. The Tattvas

    15. Magical Attack

    16. Sexual Magic

    17. Aleister Crowley: Lord of the New Aeon

    18. Hypnotism, Auto-Suggestion and Relaxation

    19. Trance Consciousness

    20. Out-of-Body Consciousness

    21. Drugs and Mystical Consciousness

    22. Shamanistic Magic

    23. Ghosts and Hauntings

    24. Spiritualism

    25. Possession

    26. Exorcism

    27. Faith Healing

    28. Vampires

    29. Traditional Witchcraft

    30. Modern Witchcraft

    31. Traditional Satanism

    32. Modern Satanism

    33. Voodoo

    34. Eastern Mysticism

    35. Eastern Influence on the Occult

    36. Theosophy

    37. I Ching

    38. Astrology

    39. Numerology

    40. Palmistry

    41. Lost Continents

    42. Inner Space Rock Music

    43. Occult Art

    Part II: Who’s Who in the Occult



    Gregory Tillett, Nevill Drury