The Occupational Ergonomics Handbook, Second Edition, Two Volume Set  book cover
2nd Edition

The Occupational Ergonomics Handbook, Second Edition, Two Volume Set

ISBN 9780849319396
Published February 2, 2006 by CRC Press
1872 Pages 200 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Completely revised and updated, taking the scientific rigor to a whole new level, the second edition of the Occupational Ergonomics Handbook is now available in two volumes. This new organization demonstrates the enormous amount of advances that have occurred in the field since the publication of the first edition. The editors have brought together researchers from a wide range of disciplines with pioneering practitioners in industry to cover a diverse list of ergonomics topics. The second edition not only provides more information but makes it more accessible.

Fundamental and Assessment Tools for Occupational Ergonomics introduces basic principles of ergonomics in system design and evaluation, as well as comprehensive approach to work related musculoskeletal disorders. This volume is a comprehensive source of theoretical ergonomics knowledge relevant to product and process quality, management of health and safety, and productivity in a variety of industries and businesses.

Interventions, Controls, and Applications in Occupational Ergonomics begins with descriptions of the elements of the ergonomics processes, including success factors for implementation of industrial ergonomics programs. It includes coverage of injury surveillance database systems and corporate health management for the design and evaluation of health in industrial organizations, ergonomics processes from the small and large industry perspectives, and human digital modeling, as well as facilities planning and organizational design and macro-ergonomics. Additional chapters present methods and techniques for engineering control, including tried and true strategies and pitfalls to avoid, and discuss the theory and practice of ergonomics interventions in the workplace.

Narrowing the focus while broadening the coverage, each individual volume supplies immediate access to important information. One of the most comprehensive sources for ergonomic knowledge available, providing both sound theory and practical examples, this book is a valuable resource for anyone in the field.

Table of Contents

Volume 1:
A Guide to Certification in Professional Ergonomics, K. Rightmire and L.D.W. Jahns
Epidemiological Review of Magnitude of Occupational Problems: Physical and Cognitive Issues, W.S. Marras
Legal Issues in Occupational Ergonomics, G.A. Peters and Barbara J. Peters
Cost Justification for Implementing Ergonomics Intervention: Applications, M. Oxenburgh
Overview of Systems Theory - Humans in Work System Environment, H. Luczak, S. Hinrichsen, and S. Mütze-Niewöhner
Human Factors and TQM, C.G. Drury
User-Centered Design of Information Technology, V.K. Leonard, K.P. Moloney, and J. A. Jacko
Application of Risk Theory in Man-Machine-Environment Systems, J. Sinay, H. Pac?aiová, M. Kopas, and M. Oravec
Engineering Anthropometry: Designing to Fit the Human Body, K.H.E. Kroemer
Human Strength Evaluation, K.H.E. Kroemer
The Biomechanical Basis of Ergonomics Logic, W.S. Marras
Fundamentals of Manual Control, M. Mulder, R. M.M. Van Paassen, J.M. Flach, and R.J. Jagacinski
Cumulative Spine Loading: From Basic Science to Application, J.P. Callaghan
Low-Level Static Exertions, G. Sjøgaard and B.R. Jensen
Soft-Tissue Pathomechanics, R.G. Cutlip
Pain and Injury: Mechanisms of Peripheral Sensation, CNS Nociception, Injury Biomechanics and Implications for Musculoskeletal Disorders, B.A. Winkelstein
Ergonomics and Aging: Basic Issues and Implementation Strategies, D. Fisk, T.L. Mitzher, C.B. Mayhorn, and W.A. Rogers
Vision and Work, J. Sheedy
Individual Factors and Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Framework for their Consideration, D.C. Cole and I. Rivilis
Basic Knowledge Behind Ergonomics: Rehabilitating Low Back Disorders, S.M. McGill
Human Adaptation in the Workplace, A. Genaidy and S. Tuncel
Rehabilitation Ergonomics, S.J. Isernhagen PT
Basic Knowledge Behind Ergonomics: Visual, Tactile, and Multimodal Information Processing, N. Sarter
Design as a Prediction Task: Applying Cognitive Psychology to System Development, P.J. Smith, R.B. Stone, and A.L. Spencer
Basic Knowledge Behind Ergonomics - Tolerances and Variation: Mental and Personality, W.G. Allread
Psychosocial Work Factors, P. Carayon and S.-Y. Lim
Mechanical Considerations for Biomechanical Glenohumeral Joint Modeling, K. Gielo-Perczak
Application of Ergonomic Knowledge to the Assessment of Low Back Risk, K. G. Davis, III
Application of Basic Knowledge to the Human Body: Legs, S.A. Lavender
Ergonomics of the Foot Leg, S. Konz
Noise in Industry: Auditory Effects, Measurement, Regulations, and Management, J.G. Casali and G.S. Robinson
Application of Basic Knowledge to the Human Body: Shiftwork, T.H. Monk
Vibrometry, D.E. Wasserman and D.G. Wilder

Overview of Ergonomic Assessment, C. Hamrick
Low Back Injury Risk Assessment Tools, G. Mirka and G. Shin
Cognitive Task Analysis: A Review of Contemporary Methods and their Applicability to C4i Environments, P. Salmon, N. Stanton, G. Walker, and D. Green
Subjective Scales of Effort and Workload Assessment, B. Sherehiy and W. Karwowski
Rest Allowances, S. Konz
Wrist Posture in Office Work, M. Fagarasanu and S. Kumar
PLIBEL - A Method Assigned for Identification of Ergonomics Hazards, K. Kemmlert
The ACGIH TLV® for Hand Activity Level, T.J. Armstrong
REBA and RULA: Whole Body and Upper Limb Rapid Assessment Tools, S. Hignett and L. McAtamney
An Assessment Technique for Postural Loading on the
Upper Body (LUBA), D. Kee and W. Karwowski
The Washington State SHARP Approach to Exposure Assessment: Methods in Epidemiological Studies of Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders, P. Spielholz
Upper Extremity Analysis - Wrist, A. Freivalds
Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation, T.R. Waters
Psychophysical Approach to Task Analysis, P.G. Dempsey
Static Biomechanical Modeling in Manual Lifting, D.B. Chaffin and C.B. Woolley
Back Analysis: Industrial Lumbar Motion Monitor, W.S. Marras and W. Gary Allread
Back Analysis: TLVs, W.S. Marras and C. Hamrick

Volume 2:
Elements of the Ergonomic Process, Å. Kilbom and N.F. Petersson
Success Factors for Industrial Ergonomics Programs, D.C. Alexander and G.B. Orr
Practical Interventions in Industry Using Participatory Approaches, B. Silverstein, P. Spielholz, and E. Carcamo
OSHA Recordkeeping, D.J. Cochran
Psychosocial Work Factors, P. Carayon and S.-Y Lim

Injury Surveillance Database Systems, C. Stuart-Buttle
Corporate Health Management: Designing and Evaluating Health in Organizations, K.J. Zink and M.J. Thul

Ergonomics Process in Small Industry, C. Stuart-Buttle
An Ergonomics Process: A Large Industry Perspective, B.S. Joseph and S. Evans

Digital Human Modeling for Computer-Aided Ergonomics, X. Zhang and D.B. Chaffin
Design for Ergonomics: Facilities Planning, S. Konz
Organizational Design and Macroergonomics, B.M. Kleiner

Engineering Controls - What Works and What Does Not, C. Hamrick
General Knowledge Regarding Engineering Controls, R.W. Marklin
Design and Evaluation of Handtools, R.G. Radwin
Low Back Disorders: General Solutions, C. Stuart-Buttle
Ergonomic Assist and Safety Equipment - An Overview, G. Buer
Gloves, R.R. Bishu, V. Gnaneswaran, and A. Muralidhar
Wrist and Arm Supports, C.M. Sommerich
Lower Extremity Supports, K.E.K. Lewis

Administrative Controls as an Ergonomic Intervention, J.M. Deeb
Worker Selection for Physically Demanding Jobs, V. Louhevaara, J. Smolander, and A. Ropponen
Training Lifting Techniques, S.A. Lavender
Secondary Intervention for Low Back Pain, S.H. Snook
Psychosocial Characteristics of Work as Targets for Change, C.A. Heaney and Kaori Fujishiro
Assessment of Worker Functional Capacities, G.L. Key
Physical Ability Testing for Employment Decision Purposes, C.K. Anderson
Human Resources Management, T.J. Slavin
Workday Length and Shiftwork Issues, P. Knauth
Back Belts, S.M. McGill
Job Rotation, D. Rodrick, W. Karwowski, and P.M. Quesada
Epidemiology of Upper Extremity Disorders, B. Evanoff and D. Rempel

Medical Management of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders, T. Hales and P. Bertsche
Systems Approach to Rehabilitation, A.E. Barr
Postinjury Rehabilitation Management, T.G. Mayer, R.J. Gatchel, S. Porter, and B.R. Theodore
Wrist Splints, C.M. Sommerich
Clinical Lumbar Motion Monitor, S.A. Ferguson and W.S. Marras

Chairs and Furniture, M.J. Dainoff
The Computer Keyboard System Design, J. Dennerlein
Intervention for Notebook Computers, C.M. Sommerich
Meatpacking Operations, S.L. Johnson
Poultry Processing, C. Stuart-Buttle
Working in Unusual or Restricted Postures, S. Gallagher
Agriculture, F.A. Fathallah, J.M. Meyers, L.J. Chapman, and B.-T. Karsh
Grocery Distribution Centers, M.J. Jorgensen, W.S. Marras, W.G. Allread, and C. Stuart-Buttle
Patient Handling in Health Care, A. Nelson
Prevention of Medical Errors, M.S. Bogner
Bakery: Cake Decorating Process, C.M. Sommerich, S.A. Lavender, A. Asmus, A.-M. Chany, J. Parakkat, and G. Yang
Furniture Manufacturing Industry, G. Mirka
General Construction, S.F. Hecker, J. Hess, L. Kincl, and S.P. Schneider
Introducing Ergonomics to Developing Countries, D. Caple
The Future of Work and an Ergonomics Response, C.G. Drury

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"Practitioners of ergonomics, occupational safety and health and industrial hygiene will find … an excellent resource for a wide variety of issues in ergonomics compounded by modern changes in work methods brought about by rapid technological changes. …a most refreshing and welcome addition that will greatly provide an impetus for further evolution of the field of ergonomics."
-Larry B. Nabatilan, Department of Construction Management and Industrial Engineering, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, 2006

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