1st Edition

The Oil Industry in India Some Economic Aspects

By Biplab Dasgupta Copyright 1971

    The Oil Industry in India (1971) examines the issues relating to the oil industry of an oil-importing country, and was the first of its kind. It looks at the pricing of crude oil and refined products, the economic significance of a domestic refining industry, the problems of joint production, the roles of the Indian government and the foreign oil companies, and the changing patterns in Indian oil consumption.

    1. Introduction  2. Historical Review: Period up to 1928  3. Historical Developments between 1928 and 1968  4. The System of Pricing Oil Products in India before 1945  5. Factors Affecting Consumption of Oil in India  6. Domestic Refining Industry  7. The System of Pricing Oil Products after 1945  8. The Supply and Price of Imported Crude Oil to India  9. The Cost and Price of Domestic Crude Oil in India  10. Participants in the Oil Industry of India: Some Comments


    Biplab Dasgupta