1st Edition

The Origins of Ecological Economics The Bioeconomics of Georgescu-Roegen

By Kozo Mayumi Copyright 2001
    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    174 Pages
    by Routledge

    Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen deserves to be called the father of ecological economics. This book connects Georgescu-Roegen's earlier work such as consumer choice theory and a critique of Leontief's dynamic model, with his later ambitious attempt to reformulate the economic process as 'bioeconomics', a theoretical alternative to neoclassical economics.

    1. Introduction 2. Foundations of Consumer Choice Theory for Environmental Valuation in View of Georgescu-Roegen's Contribution 3. Conditions for Balanced Sustained Growth of the Open Leontief Dynamic Model and Investigation on a Leontief Dynamic Model with Two Delays 4. Information, Pseudo Measures and Entropy: An Elaboration on Georgescu-Roegen's Critique 5. A Critical Appraisal of Two Entropy Theoretical Approaches to Resources and Environmental Problems: Georgescu-roegen and Tsuchida 6. Embodied Energy Analysis, Sraffa's Analysis, Georgescu-Roegen's Flow-Fund Model and Viability of Solar Technology 7. Land: Achille's Heel of Ecology and Economy 8. Environment and North-South Trade: Another View 9. Modelling Relation, Hierarchical Systems, and Bioeconomic Approach to Sustainability Issues


    Kozo Mayumi

    'Mayumi shows himself to be a master of the subject, and well ahead of most of his contemporaries in both the breadth and the depth of his treatment. The book should be in every university library and be essential reading for researchers.' - Ecological Economics

    'Georgescu-Roegen would be proud to have someone as capable as Mayumi take up the reins of his work.' - Michael Perelman, Research History of Economic Thought and Methodology

    'I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in examining the production
    system as a biophysical, as well as economic, process.'
    - Economica