1st Edition

The Overproduction Trap in U.S. Agriculture A Study of Resource Allocation from World War I to the Late 1960's

By Glenn Johnson, C Leroy Quance Copyright 2011

    This book emphasizes resource use and efficiency in the agricultural sector and offers facts and analytical concepts of interest to welfare economists, sociologists, and agricultural policy makers. Originally published in 1972

    Part I The Problem of Problems in a Dynamic Agriculture; Chapter 1 Introduction, Glenn L. Johnson; Chapter 2 Characteristics of U.S. Agricultural Economy, Glenn L. Johnson; Chapter 3 Theoretical Considerations, Glenn L. Johnson; Chapter 4 Basis for Evaluation, Glenn L. Johnson; Part II Production and Resource Use; Chapter 5 Expected Product Prices, M. L. Lerohl; Chapter 6 The Overall Pattern of Production, Disappearance, Income, and Resource Use, Francis van Gigch, C. Leroy Quance; Chapter 7 Capital, C. Leroy Quance; Chapter 8 Labor, Venkareddy Chennareddy, Bob F. Jones; Chapter 9 Land, George E. Rossmiller, Arne Larsen; Part III A Summary View, Evaluative Conclusions, and Recommendations; Chapter 10 Historical and Economic Summary of U.S. Agriculture, Francis van Gigch; Chapter 11 Evaluative Conclusions and Recommendations, Glenn L. Johnson;


    Johnson, Glenn; Quance, C Leroy