1st Edition

The Palestinians in Israel A Study in Internal Colonialism

By Elia T. Zureik Copyright 1979

    The main focus of The Palestinians in Israel (1979) is the position of the Arab minority in Israel, from being a majority to becoming a minority. By using the framework of internal colonialism, it provides evidence which highlights the social class transformations of the Palestinians in Israel from peasantry to proletariat, the patterns of land alienation, and the nature of inter-ethnic contacts which typify Israeli–Palestinian relations. It looks at Arab social structure in pre-1948 Palestine, discusses the Arabs as they appear in Israeli social science writings, describes the transformation of Arab class structure in Israel, and considers the politicization of Israeli Arabs.

    1. The Problem Stated  2. The Theoretical Framework  3. Arab Social Structure in Pre-1948 Palestine  4. The Arabs in Israeli Social Science Writings  5. The Transformation of Arab Class Structure in Israel  6. Prejudice, Education and Social Disorganization  7. The Politicization of Israeli Arabs  8. Towards a Sociology of the Palestinians


    Elia T. Zureik